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You can choose from all of the availabel operators (vendors) you want to flash. It will work only in case of when your counters are not 0.After you are done just push button Ok and flashing procedure will begin. Supported MEP's can be found here Unlock Procedure: : You can update or downgrade your current software version.

Download and install Furious Chimera Mobile Phone Utility for Furious Gold on your computer, connect the mobile phone to an original cable or to the Furious Gold cable provided (if you are using the box), from the supported models in the list below and enjoy easy unlocking for your customers instantly.

With over 10 millions of devices unlocked since 2004 Furious Gold is a must have tool for every mobile phone store | repair shop owners in any country.

This would affect the storage of several functions, including Notice: Please note that if you would upgrade the OS of your Black Berry Curve 3G 9300 from Black Berry 5 OS to Black Berry 6 OS, the built-in memory will be decreased from ~100MB to ~40MB).

Furious Chimera Mobile Phone Utility unlock and repair Blackberry, LG, Samsung, HTC, Mobiwire mobile phones.

You can find more information about this feature by clicking here : You can calculate the correct MEP (unlock codes) for the most of old security phones (until OS10 like Black Berry Z10, Q10, etc.) You can find more information about how to enter NCK by clicking here How to activate this module on my Furious Gold account ?

Simply connect your Furious Gold USB hardware to your computer.

​ : You must have a SIM card in your phone to complete these steps, I have found that this procedure works best with an Telus Sim card in the phone (can be active or inactive ). Normally this will repair software errors in most cases and you can change/add languages as well.

Make sure the phone is not displaying the low battery warning!

To be able to use those modules you will need to connect the Furious Gold server using your Furious Gold device and having access to each of them. This means some packs including more than 1 module inside. Once you buy a PACK you will be able to use all the modules from the specified pack.

Furious Gold is a multi function mobile phone unlocking and repairing software.


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