Updating a file java

This notion further will be useful in building up the concept of database storage mechanism and its manipulation from Java.

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Because Java does not impose any structure while manipulating sequential access to a file, it is the responsibility of the programmer to establish a structure, meaning, how the data will be stored in the file.

Let us create a class to establish a record structure.

The read method returns a list of records retrieved from the file for further processing.

The problem of data in a sequential file is that they cannot be modified without the risk of destroying the existing record in the file.

For example, if we want to modify a old name of 10 characters with a new name of say, 20 characters, the next field in the record will be overwritten because the new name requires more space.

Therefore, the only way to update a sequential file is by rewriting the entire file.This record structure will be written into and read from, as a character-based stream.The class Once the record structure is created for the file, let's create two methods: one to write the list of records to the file and another to read from it.A sequential file structure can be used as a mechanism to persist records in a simple manner.The greatest advantage of using such a file is not in its efficiency but in the simplicity.This mechanism is not uniform across various platforms; the Linux file structure is quite different from that of Windows.No matter what the internal file data structure is, a Java program receives a consistent end of file indication from the JVM, which in turn is informed appropriately by the underlying operating system.Byte-based streams are mainly used for storing/manipulating data in binary format, whereas a character-based stream stores/manipulates data as a sequence of characters.For example, if we want to store, say 3, it would be stored in the binary format of the numeric value 3, or 011(3 in binary) in byte based stream.For example, all the executable files found in the system are nothing but binary files.does not provide any file processing capabilities, and yet it is useful for retrieving information about files and directories from secondary storage.


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