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With R-134a, to raise the boiling point high enough for the refrigerant to condense to a liquid at more realistic ambient temperatures, it must be highly pressurized.Penguin air is an Authorized warranty dealer of all major brands. All Trucks are company owned vehicles clearly labeled for distance visibility upon arrival.Penguin Air conditioning DOES NOT FARM OUT WORK to other companies!Below is a list of the vehicles with complete bolt-in kits available.Vintage Air Chevrolet:’55-’57 Chevy’59-’60 passenger car/El Camino’58-’67 Corvette’67-’69 Camaro’64-’69 Chevelle/El Camino’66-’69 Nova’47-’86 truck Ford:‘6411/42-’68 Mustang’64-’65 Falcon/Ranchero’53-’56 truck’66-’77 Bronco GMC:’47-’86 truck Pontiac: ’67-’69 Firebird (non-air cars only)Toyota:’73-’80 FJ-40 Landcruiser Hot Rod Air Chevrolet:’58-’82 Corvette55-’57 Chevy’55-’59 truck Ford:‘6411/42-’66 Mustang (underdash)VW:’58-’94 VW Sedan Type 1’65-’74 Karmann-Ghia ’73-’79 Super Beetle Classic Auto Air (CAA): Chevrolet/GMC:’47-’72 Chevy/GMC truck’55-’57 Chevy’58-’68 sedan/Impala’64-’72 Chevelle/El Camino’58-’76 Corvette’64-’67 GTO/Le Mans/Tempest’67-’78 Camaro’63-’74 Chevy II/Nova Ford:‘6411/42-’73 Mustang and Cougar’64-’65 Falcon, Ranchero, and Comet’55-’66 T-bird’55-’56 Ford Fairlane/Crown Victoria’48-’72 truck’66-’77 Bronco Mopar’67-’72 A-Body’66-’72 B-Body’70-’74 E-Body’66-’67 Charger Pontiac’64-’67 all models Southern Air’55-’57 Chevy All other systems built to order by car Old Air Products Chevrolet:’55-’57 Chevy’73-’87 C-series truck’67-’81 Camaro Ford:‘6411/42-’66 Mustang’67-’79 F-series Pontiac: Kits fits most cars with 350-400ci engines Many other kits available upon request Nostalgic Car Parts: Chevrolet:’55-’57 Chevy’69 Camaro’63-’67 Corvette’47-’72 truck Ford:’65-’73 Mustang’55-’57 Thunderbird’53-’72 truck Air-Tique: All systems built to order by car How Does Air Conditioning Work?The A/C system is a continuous loop that is split into a high-pressure side and a low-pressure side by the compressor.The high pressure created by the pumping of the compressor pushes the now heated and pressurized gaseous refrigerant through a hose into the condenser, where much of the heat is then lost to the air blowing through the condenser’s fins.Employees Background check on Nationwide and county Criminal Sex offender Registry.Choosing the right Air conditioning contractor for the job may not often be as easy as we all would like it to be, in fact many homeowners who buy new high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment don’t get what they pay for.There are two firmly entrenched and opposing schools of thought when it comes to air conditioning: that less is best and A/C should never be intentionally added to a hot rod, and that power and comfort can coexist harmoniously.Thanks to the growing trend of bringing hot rods up to new-car specs for comfortable daily driving or long-distance road tripping (Power Tour(r), anyone?


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