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The very intimacy that can heal early life injuries can invoke those injuries once again.And, once one party is triggered, you can bet the other will respond.

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Your beloved can make you feel special unlike any one else. The promise of marriage is in its ability to mend our wounds.

Our most intimate relationships are often therapeutic: they’re able to rehabilitate us psychologically and emotionally.

He would rather come home and be left alone literally.. That hasnt existed for years sometimes i feel lonely but remind myself that i should be grateful for my kids they are more than i could ever ask for is it selfish to want someone who tells u i love you or just brings u a birthday card for your birthday??

When I leave the house and dont see kids for few hours i miss them dearly and come home and kiss them he leaves and when he gets home never once comes to his family he wants privacy.. I dont even expect it anymore I just focuas on my kids being happy and having everything they want and need..

Mark, I feel that you have written here with the best of intentions, but you are wasting your energy on talking about married couples and their subsequent divorce, rather than people who are not yet married. Hopefully the divorce doesn't suck too much life out of the family. You must use your academic background to start promoting an end to the practice of marriage for non religious people, who have not yet made the mistake of marrying.

It is a shame that with all of your knowledge you have not yet begun to actively promote an end to marriage for the non religious.The Magic of Intimacy: Intimacy brings lovers together and renders us vulnerable.When we are intimate, we feel empowered but we’re also at the mercy of the one we love.And, sometimes, there's a need to protect yourself.You don't want to over react or under react to an ex spouse. Good psychological counseling can help keep you in a centered place.But, you can choose to deal with it with dignity and intelligence. my wife broke up with me and i read a article concerning this great man. contact him through this email alexzander high temple at gmail or browse him through his name alexzander high temple I don't think that you're suggestions are going to be too popular...have a throw away society. It seems like they are the very last ones to be thought of by a party seeking divorce, thought that could only just that, a seeming.Anything that doesn't fit or work as expected is junked right away and replaced, relationships included. People in our culture are taught to be very self-centered now-a-days, that ones personal happiness is all that counts.Unfortunately, there is no clear cut path to follow that will lead to the right outcome. A Marriage Repaired: You can take on your marriage, improve yourself, deal with your children; or look realistically at divorce. And, there’s dignity in starting fresh for the right reasons. Understand that a divorce can leave casualties behind. Perhaps you stopped communicating, leaving each other filled with resentment? Then, breathe deeply and ask yourself if there's a bit of good will to work with. If divorce has to happen, grieve the loss, tend to your children with sensitivity and deal with your ex with dignity.How you resolve this dilemma will depend on your personal circumstances and the conclusions you reach through a lot of thought. Take a look at Harville Hendrix or John Gottman's work on rehabilitating a marriage. You need to make sure that your kids are okay because divorce can undermine their sense of stability and security. If so, you may want to throw down the gauntlet and demand change. I remember one woman who threatened to leave; it led to over twenty years of sobriety for her husband. Couples get into therapy, start to enjoy each other again and begin to let go of past hurts. Look realistically at everyone around you – including yourself.that I must inform you that happily ever after is a fairy tale. Sometimes, it’s because there’s an unforgivable betrayal like infidelity, or a partner becomes abusive and the relationship turns destructive, or as clichéd as it sounds - people often grow apart.When couples marry, its with the intention of remaining lifelong lovers and partners.


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