Twitter tools widget not updating

For these types of subscriptions you’ll need to go to the subscription details under you account at store.and assign the content to specific Displays.

As explained in the error message, the image or video file selected in the widget options has likely been deleted or moved to Trash in Rise Storage.

If you’ve linked to an image or video via the Custom URL option and the image or video is not displaying in your Presentation, the link to the image or video is most likely no longer valid and should be verified.

Check “Select All Displays” for this Placeholder to appear on all Displays that this Presentation is scheduled to.

Uncheck “Select All Displays” to select Displays individually.

Designed for Google's browser, Refresh for Twitter uses the social networking site's native "new tweets" feature to save you from clicking.

While the pop-up banner will briefly appear as new content is available, moments later your feed will reload.

I have "refreshed" Firefox and that still didn't fix the issue.

The embedded tweets and Tweetdeck images and videos show up properly in safe mode, but not in regular mode even with all of the extensions disabled (yes, I'm restarting after to make sure they're disabled).

Schedule distribution Placeholder distribution Playlist item distribution Scheduled Presentation partially plays or won’t play at all General Widget error message Image and Video Widget error messages If you are seeing the message “This Display Has No Presentations or Web Pages Scheduled.” on your Display, you will need to assign your Display to a Schedule and assign a Presentation or Web Page to that Schedule.

Please see our article Note: If your schedule is set up correctly and you are still not seeing any content, check the time and date on your media player.


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