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He is constantly complaining about petty things like people cutting him off in traffic.

It's always something about how awful and entitled and nasty other people are (and, it goes unsaid, how great he is by comparison).

So when I worked hard and got a salary rise recently, my child support was just reduced.

And if ever a day will come where I will earn more money than him - I would have to pay him. All in the meanwhile he buys the children off with expensive gifts, while I am just struggling to barely make ends meet.

The court system is not only broken it's heartless and money grubbing!

I wish there were honest, caring people in the system that could help but I have yet to find any of them. But there are no bruises to show from the emotional abuse one gets. I divorced two years ago and was in a really depressed bad emotional state.

I pay almost double for rent for a 1br apartment than he pays for a small mortgage on his nice house.

The only thing that counts in court aparently is the difference between salaries.

Everything is all about his life and what he wants. Plays guitar well but needs original music and feels he deserves to be a movie star I have given up we are like room mates if the right one comes along I am disappearing because he makes drama if I tell him I am leaving. Thanks to "Will I Ever Be Good Enough," I was able to see the traits in my mother and more importantly, myself. I'm going narcissistic and regroup fast and apologize when I need to my husband of 23 years, children, friends, and colleagues. He was the one who filed for divorce because "he was not getting anything out of the marriage." I stayed to protect my son. We are in and out of court as he doesn't want to be responsible for child support.

He never wanted him, took it out on me for getting "myself" pregnant, and said life would be better if son had never been born. He is very evil The day I met my narcissist I was a strong independent woman with a large circle of friends a usher in my church and a strong relationship with my children.


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