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I am inclined to believe that the remarkable brand of patience manifested by Adamski must have played a large part in his selection as one of their important emissaries on Earth by our brothers from other planets.

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Nor does he demand that everyone agree with all that he believes or states.

His is the true humility which precludes arrogance.

Hazards of weather and the length of time involved did not deter Adamski. A., made comparative orthographic drawings of Adamskis Venusian Scout and the craft photographed by thirteen-year-old Stephen Darbishire in England (the Coniston Saucer) and proved the two identical in structure and measurement.

Actually, five years elapsed (1948 through 1952) before, out of hundreds of attempts, he had one or more successful photographs of each different type of space ship which he had observed. These drawings appear in Cramps book Space, Gravity and the Flying Saucer (recommended reading for scientists and the technically minded).

Although I myself have seen the space ships on several occasions, both here in the Bahamas where I live and at Palomar during the several weeks I stayed there this past summer, I have never been inside one. What I found was a man far removed from axiy of these and rather difficult to describe.

Not only is Adamski a handsome man in a very individual way, but here was a fine face with integrity clearly written on it.What has happened to George Adamski since he wrote the famous incidents in Flying Saucers Have Landed?Since the memorable November 20, 1952, when he first made personal contact with a man from another world?He has, in short, true understanding and compassion.These attributes, coupled with an ever-ready sense of humor, make him entirely approachable in the broadest sense of the word.Many, feeling the sincerity with which he tells his story, will brand him as an honest but self-deluded man and toss his adventures into the category of the mental or psychic. Adamski describing my sightings here and asked if I might call on him. I do not hesitate to state that I made my first visit to Palomar Terraces with heavily crossed fingers.Still others, trained to reject everything not yet proven in the familiar three dimensions, will enjoy writing it all off as a clever hoax. I was quite prepared for anything from a brilliant lunatic to a harmlessly self-deluded man; or perhaps one more California cult conveniently and profitably hung on the horns of the current Saucer interest.But his irritation seldom extends to another fellow being.All who find their way to his door, be they bores, pests or bellicose challengers, meet with the same patient courtesy as the intelligent, the charming or the important in a worldly sense.The fact that Adamski possesses more wisdom than formal education is, in his case, an asset, leaving him free of the fetters which too often shackle the academic mind.At the same time, he is amazingly well informed on most subjects, including world events and the causes that lie behind them.


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