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This is partly because negative experiences stand out in the mind more than positive ones, and partly because we all like to see ourselves as hard-working.One study from the June 2011 Monthly Labor Review found that people estimating 75-plus hour workweeks were off, on average, by about 25 hours.”“If I worked 37.40 and slept 51.81, this left 78.79 hours for other things. Even if I felt I was constantly packing lunches, I spent a mere 9.09 hours weekly on housework and errands.If that's correct, then you may also need to adjust the criteria you use to select a lady for a potential mate.

There's been a recent pattern that starts out when I'm talking to a lady. I even explained it to her when we first met, that I was busy with work, school and training, and I likely would be sporadic with my communication. I think she thought I wasn't attentive enough and she simply stopped talking to me. I literally had to tell her that the team was in town and I had to go to work. I was kind of annoyed because it's not like she couldn't check the team's schedule and see if the team was in town that week.

Lady #4 got upset at me because I didn't call her when I said I would.

As a dating coach for smart, strong, successful women, I have heard every variation of “I’m so busy” that you can possibly imagine.

I don’t doubt that my readers and clients are as busy as they say.

Enter Laura Vanderkam, married mother of four, author, and speaker.

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She had a sneaking suspicion that although she was, in fact, juggling many responsibilities, her schedule wasn’t as tightly packed as she made it out to be.

I have found that for women especially, it is the best antidote to the pernicious narrative that professional success requires harsh sacrifices at home….

By showing us that we do, in fact, have the privilege of free time, time tracking also nudges us to make wiser choices about how we spend it.”How does this apply to you and dating? But it does mean allocating about 4 hours/week to online dating, 1 hour/week to phone calls, and one night a week for a date.

And when we decide how to fill our time, be it, work, play, family or whatever, by default, there are things that will not be part of your time. You have made decisions/choices on how to fill your time. Actually talking on a phone, or even better, meeting up for a face to face, actually takes time.

Trying to invite another into your "busy" schedule seems to be your problem not theirs. From your examples, you text but, you can't seem to make a call?


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