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"■ '' David Farnum, 5Wcn/ /t/ Harvard College,-"' • '•' |-' John Fayervveathcr, E/cf ■'■- '■ ■' ■ '■■ ' '■.

Francis Foxcrofr, pf Carnhndge^ Slftf, (for T'Wo) Mr, William Fairfield, jun.

Jofeph Bradford, { for^wo) ' _ ,•:•;.■ Simon Bradftreer, ^hw.

i'' ' William Brattle, p/' Cambridge, ff^; [' \^ .'■'»!

John Cal.lwell, of Hartford, Merchant, ( for Six') • 1 The Rev.

Chirks Church, Eff, Sbinjif of the County of Uridol Mc ' i^U ESCRIBE R S*- , J^\ Mr, Hopcftill Clap, of Dorchefter.

4, 5..v7c7/ from tlie Pubiick Records of the GM 'c{^: Plwicuth, Ccrw(Fxicitt d^ Rhode- fjlaiid. A gre&t Number o\ amierit Lepers Sc other Papers whi(f I have colieded from feveral Libraries & particular Perfoif: 5. me, collected frof the Recbrds o{ fcvcial I'civ'ns ic Onrcles throughout th.

i- 3.' Major Majcn's ancient Account of the Pequot War in (5?

Merihanty {for Tive Jve ) Ainmi-Ruluniali Cutter, M.

Paul Dudley, of Koxbury, Efq\ (foy Twe ) Richard Dana, of Marbl.-head, AJ A.


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