Tivo not updating

Use the new VOX Remote that lets you speak naturally to control your Ti Vo DVR so you get to your favorites faster.

If you have a Series2 Ti Vo with no video (black screen), we have found that a power supply often solves this problem in other units as well.More recently, the HR10-250 had this problem, and a software update (to 6.3b) was released to solve it. If you have a DIRECTV Ti Vo that displays an overheating message soon after startup, then you almost definitely have a bad power supply.New case fan, or increasing airflow around the unit. You can order a new one on our Ti Vo power supply page or contact us for assistance., automatically configured based on the time of day and day of week.Ti Vo helps the kids get to their favorite shows in the afternoon and the parents to their shows at night.If you have a Series3 HD Ti Vo, you might have a bad HDMI port.We can repair bad HDMI ports on Ti Vo Series3 units.If you have a Series 3 Ti Vo that is rebooting or restarting constantly, then you should see the instructions here for resolving that problem.Suggested Solutions: If you have pixellation or other video/audio problem in between reboots, then consider a hard drive replacement kit.See our Ti Vo HDMI Repair page and also our Series3 HD Ti Vo repair page.In early-model Ti Vos (SAT T60 and DSR6000), this was a problem caused by a software update in early July 2004 to 3.1.0c.


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