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If they do speak English reasonably well, it is usually a sign that they have been working with foreigners, one way or another.If you want a Thai girlfriend while on vacation in Thailand, and you expect to have sex, she will expect to be paid!

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A Thai girl may be the best wife you could ever want, but most relationships between a Thai girl and a western man start out of convenience for the girl.Do you want a girlfriend for a vacation in Thailand?Do you want a long-term girlfriend in Thailand, or do you want a Thai girl for marriage?You will feel in every way, that she is in love with you.Please note that there can be many reasons why a Thai girl becomes a professional or semi-professional. She may do it because the money is easier than if working long hours at a factory for 500 dollars a month.If she does not mention a price, be prepared to pay around 1,000-2,000 baht a day plus all expenses for the duration, including shopping for clothes etc. Thai "good girls" do not have sex with strangers, even if they have been chatting for weeks on the Internet.If she is asking for money up front, do not pay it all in advance. Usually, the first few dates with a good girl are with a chaperon.Thai girls are extremely good at this, thus it is not comparable with renting professionals in western countries.It will feel in every way as a real girlfriend, only you will have to pay her. If you feel awkward to offer her money or if you are afraid to hurt her feelings, you can leave the money on her purse on the last day.It will take some time to get to the point of having sex with a good girl. Things are changing a bit amongst the young Thais, influenced by western ways.However, that would only be the case only if you are young too. Even if you are a young and very handsome guy, expect to pay.


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