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A smile and the sentence "mai pen rai" indicates that the incident is not important and therefore there is no conflict or shame involved.Respect for hierarchy is a very important value for Thai people.

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Thailand is often referred to as the "land of smiles" in tourist brochures.

Public displays of affection are not overly common in traditional Thai society, especially between lovers.

Often, Thais will deal with disagreements, minor mistakes, or misfortunes by using the phrase mai pen rai, translated as "it doesn't matter".

The ubiquitous use of this phrase in Thailand reflects a disposition towards minimizing conflict, disagreements or complaints.

Buddhism in Thailand is strongly influenced by traditional beliefs regarding ancestral and natural spirits, which have been incorporated into Buddhist cosmology.

Most Thai people install spirit houses (Thai: ), miniature houses outside their dwellings, where they believe household spirits live.It is becoming more common, especially among the younger generation.A notable social norm holds that touching someone on the head may be considered rude.In addition there are minorities of Muslims in Thailand (5-6 percent), Christians (1 percent), and other religions.Thai Theravada Buddhism is supported and overseen by the government, with monks receiving a number of government benefits, such as free use of public transportation.Strong Indian, Chinese and other Southeast Asian influences are still evident in traditional Thai culture.Thailand is nearly 94 percent Buddhist, mainly of the Theravada school (which includes the Thai Forest Tradition and the Dhammayuttika Nikaya and Santi Asoke sects) and an unknown minority belonging to the Mahayana school.They present offerings of food and drink to these spirits to keep them happy.If these spirits aren't happy, it is believed that they will inhabit the household and cause chaos.Because of this, Thais can be quite playful at work and during day-to-day activities.Displaying positive emotions in social interactions is also important in Thai culture.


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