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Reality is limited to that which is directly perceivable through our natural senses or indirectly ascertained through the proper use of reason.The scientific method is the only trustworthy means of obtaining knowledge.Freethinkers are convinced that religious claims are false—they have not withstood the tests of evidence and reason.

Reality is limited to that which is directly perceivable through our natural senses or indirectly ascertained through the proper use of reason.The scientific method is the only trustworthy means of obtaining knowledge.

Freethought today embraces adherents of virtually all political persua­sions, including capitalists, libertarians, socialists, communists, Republicans, Democrats, liberals and conservatives. Atheism is indeed based on a commitment to rationality, but that hardly qualifies it as a religion. It is flexible and relativistic—it is not a religion. The totalitarianism of religious absolutes chokes progress. Freethought is truly free Historical Freethought: There is a large brass plaque prominently displayed on the main street of Comfort Texas which reads as follows: THE FOUNDING FREETHINKERS From 1845 to 1861 large numbers of German Freethinkers emigrated to the Texas Hill Country.

There is no connection, for example, between atheism and communism. Freethinkers apply the term religion to belief systems which include a supernatural realm, deity, faith in "holy" writings and conformity to an absolute creed. Freethinkers were predominantly German intellectuals who advocated reason and democracy over religious and political autocracy.

Most freethinkers consider religion to be not only untrue, but harmful.

It has been used to justify war, slavery, sexism, racism, mutilations, intolerance, and oppression of minorities.

In fact, most modern social and moral progress has been made by people free from religion—including Clara Barton, Margaret Sanger, Albert Einstein, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Most religions have consistently resisted progress—including the abolition of slavery; women's right to vote and to choose contraception and abortion; medical developments such as the use of anesthesia; scientific understanding of the heliocentric solar system and evolution, and the use of lightning rods; and the American principle of state/church separation.

No, freethought is a philosophical, not a political, position. A multiplicity of individuals thinking, free from restraints of orthodoxy, allows ideas to be tested, dis­carded or adopted. Freethinkers see no pride in the blind maintenance of ancient superstitions or self-effacing prostration before divine tyrants known only through primitive "revelations." Freethought is respectable.For a statement to be considered true it must be testable (what repeatable experiments or methods confirm it?), falsifiable (what, in theory, would disconfirm it, and have all attempts to disprove it failed?Individuals are free to choose, within the limits of humanistic morality.Some freethinkers have found meaning in compassion for needless suffering, social progress, the beauty of humanity (art, music, literature), personal happiness, pleasure, joy and love, and the advancement of knowledge. Darwin's theory of evolution, with cumulative nonrandom natural selection "designing" for billions of years, has provided the explanation.Some freethinkers, such as Adam Smith and Ayn Rand, were staunch capitalists; and there have been communistic groups which were deeply religious, such as the early Christian church. Many had been active in the 1848 German Revolution and sought freedom in America.The Freethinkers established numerous Central Texas colonies including Bettina, Castell, Cypress, Creek, Luckenbach, Sisterdale, and Tusculum (Boerne).), parsimonious (is it the simplest explanation, requiring the fewest assumptions?), and logical (is it free of contradictions or non sequiturs? Arguments based on faith, authority or ad hominem character attacks are unacceptable.Settlements which conducted intellectual forums in Latin became known as “Latin Colonies.” Within a few years of the founding of Comfort in 1854, half the Hill Country Freethinker population was living in the area.Freethinkers valued their new found freedoms of speech, assembly and separation of religion and government.


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