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Luckily, Georgina has a distraction: she’s falling fast for the beautiful, crushable Prue, who’s staying at the inn with her bird-studying brother.

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In animation, the trope can be invoked without fully using it in the case of teenagers, where one character is only a few years younger than their crush, but differing rates of physical development makes the crush look a lot older than them. of kids get crushes on their teachers or on their older neighbors, or friends of their older siblings—and older siblings of their friends.

(One resolution is for differences between the older and the same-age siblings to be mostly maturity; when the kid and the same-age sibling grow up, Settle for Sibling can be a happy ending.) See also Puppy Love, where two little kids crush on each other, and Father, I Want to Marry My Brother, which relies on an innocent inability to distinguish between different types of love.

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Learn how to balance school, family, friends, and relationships.

If you’re looking for a fluffy, affirming summer romance, look no further. With a torn ligament in her knee, Peyton’s goal of playing professional soccer is on crutches.

Worse, no one believes that it’s Reed’s fault, and he won’t stop calling.

Armed with a picture of Nate’s hand-decorated Chuck Taylors and his sister’s social media army, Cameron is determined to track Nate down, but will their parents’ drama ruin any chance they have of a relationship?

For everyone who has ever been at the “I really, really hope this is a thing” phase of a relationship, , by Maurene Goo Desi Lee is determined to succeed at everything, including love—if only she weren’t such a failure at flirting.

Leaving town seems like a necessity, so Peyton heads to Tennessee to live with her uncle and focus on rehab.

But it’s hard to keep that focus when the guy helping her through physical therapy is seriously hot—and when her past is (literally) threatening to catch up with her.


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