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Did you know that there is a dating website especially for you? I am excited and curious to interview my today’s guest, Richard: founder and CEO of uk, a UK based online dating site for tall people. While dating, I realised how hard it was to meet and date tall single women.

I used to go to bars with my friends on a “boys night out” hoping to meet women, but on most occasions would find that all women there were way too short.

When it happened to me, I wasn’t actually looking for love.

I think it is great that we have been able to provide such a service which to tall people, and they seem to love it!

It is though still a fun and vibrant singles scene; both women that specifically seek out very tall men as well as tall men looking for women who really are turned on by tall guys.

Let's be real folks, there is no sense in paying for tall dating sites because the community is rather small.

Yes, at the moment uk is only for people living in the UK.

However, I do also own tall.singles for tall people in the USA. We don’t have fantastic coverage of the USA, the main areas we have focused on are as follows: New York, Texas, Florida and Los Angeles. All you need to do is enter a few basic details about yourself and verify your e-mail address.

They will, for example, check people against their Facebook account to check they are genuine. We also advise that people meet up in public places and use common sense when meeting someone for the first time.

I still believe that online dating is much safer than meeting someone in a pub, since before you meet them, you have lots of information on them.


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