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Robert Frey, architect for the structure, has included a living- room with a large fireplace and picture windows, a dining room which will seat about fifty per- sons, a recreation and chapter room beneath the dormitory floors, and fourteen dormitory rooms.

The building is located on the lot behind the ATO fraternity on Chew street and overlooks Lake Muhlenberg on the southeast side.

It was stated that all Freshman hazing be abolished and a system set up whereby enforcement of regu- lations be under jurisdiction of the Tribunal and adminis- tered through a series of tests.

This action followed a previous motion to limit hazing to Fresh- man tribunal and Student coun- cil only, which was defeated by a 6-4 vote.

Her first official function was at the Leadership conference held from Sep- tember 10 to 12. Although Miss Nugent's quarters will be off- campus, she feels that this will not alienate her from the col- lege's social phase, but will be to her advatnage.

Prior to coming to Muhlenberg, Miss Nugent served as an assist- ant professor in Early Childhood and Elementary education at Temple university. In an inter- view for the WEEKLY, the gray- haired, soft-spoken woman said that problems arising in the dorm- itory are to be referred to the housemothers, but that any wom- an should feel free to call on her in her office in the Administra- tion building.Sources claim that the house will be ready in time for the fall Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa., September 18, 1958 No.1 Council Rules Alternate Plan On Regulations After a one hour bout on Tuesday at 10 a.m., Student council passed a motion re- stricting all hazing of Fresh- men by upperclassmen, Fresh- man Tribunal, or Student council itself.These new staff members w Ul be greeted at a dinner and reception in the College commons on Fri- day evening.Heading the list of new faculty additions is Dean of Women Anne Nugent; also there is Miss Aurelia Arre of Perm State university with the romance language department, Mrs. Griffith of Minnea- polis with the chemistry depart- ment. Ann Lanz of Read- ing with the psychology depart- ment, Miss Bessi Michael and Miss Janet Stamm with the English department. Returning to the Muhlenberg mathematics department after a year's absence for graduate work at Lehigh university is George F. French and Spanish Born in Easton, Miss Arre was a graduate assistant in French and Spanish at Penn State.Among the 1,030 students to attend are 309 freshmen, and 65 student nurses enrolled at the Allentown Hospital school of Nursing.The freshman class will consist of approximately 222 men and about 87 coeds.She was born in Bound Brook, New Jersey and resided in Brooklyn, New York for a short time. The informa- tion on these cards is extremely important and students are ask- ed to make their soon as possible.Later she and her family moved to Los Angeles where she received her secondary and higher education. Phi Kappa Tau Men Move Into House; Building Nears End Construction on the new Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house is nearing completion as twenty- eight men move in this week.The motion was acti- vated by a recommendation from the student leadership conference.The motives given for this new resolution were: (1) past exper- ience with upperclassmen who Muhlenberg Enrollment Hits Peak Adding 309 Freshmen, 65 Nurses This week, Muhlenberg will see its largest enrollment in nine years as approximately 1,030 students begin classes tomorrow morning.


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