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We all need special parts for our trucks and that is where the friends come in, many of the older collectors have accumulated private stashes of rare parts and practice a two way street of helping fellow collectors that in turn do the same.It may take a new collector a few frustrating years to get established with others, but it will pay off. PS: It helps to belong to a good MVPA Chapter, I belong to the RED BALL TRANSPORT of Pennsylvania, a fine group of fellow collectors with much CCKW and larger Army truck ownership and experience.

I bought some choice items such as whatever CCKW sheetmetal, exhaust pipes, NOS hard to find small parts that made a difference and especiallytheir inventory of NOS 1989 dated Die Cast CCKW c Carburetors.

It wasn't too many years that the collectors bug caught on due to the proliferation of European CCKWs that they realized they were a bit hasty.

I have had a Jeep under me ever since, but needed something else to satisfy the MV appetite, a Closed Cab SWB fit the bill.

The CCKW is a bit more complicated than the Jeep, it is larger, has more parts, is more expensive to maintain.

The CCKW is a great truck, I was lucky to have accumulated spares gathered from our business over the years and from the dozens of contacts established in our our parts business, by the time I got my own CCKW in 1983, I had most everything needed to put it back to original WWII condition.

Swb liquidating

Owning a CCKW is a great experience, it takes part in parades, generates fond memories to Veterans that served in its' time, and makes new friends and contacts in the MV collectors world.

I plan to mark the doors on my CCKW cab with his 1941 Quartermaster unit.

Bill's WWII history can be found by googling William F Knight, Quartermaster.

Our business employed several mechanics in the 40s-60s, all were WWII army mechanics with many tales to tell about their time spent with these WWII vehicles.

I always wanted a CCKW and in 1983 I contacted my old family friend Seymore Sinett, owner of Supreme Surplus in New Jersey.


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