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Until 1659, these places were inhabited by several waves of settlers from behind the Dnieper River and the exact date of the foundation of Sumy is not known.

One of the reasons for the founding of Sumy was the political situation of the second half of the 17th century.

Culture was also developing - a pedagogical institute, a museum of local lore and a theater were opened.

January 10, 1939, the city became the administrative center of the Sumy region.

“Sloboda” was the term for a free settlement without taxes obligations and “Ukraine” meant “borderland”.

In 1654, according to Pereyaslav Agreement, the Ukrainian Cossacks swore allegiance to the Russian Tsar while retaining a wide autonomy. In 1651-1660, a large number of new settlements appeared on this territory in addition to Sumy - Kharkiv, Trostyanets, Lebedin, and a lot of others.Despite the sieges, the Tatars never managed to capture the town.In 1702, the construction of the Resurrection Church was completed. In the winter of 1708-1709, during the Northern War, before the Battle of Poltava, Peter I stayed in Sumy.In recent years, the restoration of the central part of Sumy is carried out.The city of Sumy is located on the banks of the Psel River, at its confluence with the Sumka River.In 1732, the population of the town was about 7,700 people.In the second half of the 18th century, in connection with the liquidation of the Cossack self-government, the Sumy Cossack regiment was reorganized into the regular part of the Russian army, and the town lost the status of a regimental center and became a provincial town.In 1918-1919, during the Civil War in Russia, power in Sumy changed several times.During the industrialization of the 1930s, Sumy became the center of production of equipment for sugar beet factories.Sumy is a city located in the north-east of Ukraine, the administrative center of the Sumy region.The population of Sumy is about 265,000 (2016), the area - 95 sq. The phone code - 380 542, the postal codes - 40000-40035.


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