Successfully validating erp systems

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Gathering FTP connection information only applies if you plan to transfer data using FTP.The SAP ERP system will push data to a server using the FTP protocol.

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have been widely implemented by numerous firms throughout the industrial world.

While success stories of ERP implementation abound due to its potential in resolving the problem of fragmented information, a substantial number of these implementations fail to meet the goals of the organization.

The list of supported platforms and versions is available on Oracle Technology Network (OTN): Oracle Data Integrator connects to the SAP-ERP system hosting the SAP ERP data using JCo.

It also uses a FTP Server or a Shared Directory to host the data extracted from the SAP system.

Collect the following information from your system administrator: Gathering Shared Directory information only applies, if you plan to transfer data through a shared directory. For later setup, gather the following information from your system administrator: Validate that the shared folder is accessible from both the SAP System and the ODI agent machine and does not require any interactive authentication to be accessed.

Please note that the shared folder must be accessible from the SAP system using the .

To request FTP server access: Validating the ODI SAP Setup contains instructions for some basic validation of the SAP environment for the use with the ODI SAP Adapter.

Please ask your SAP Basis team to run all validations and provide back the validation results like screen shots and confirmations.

The LKM SAP ERP to Oracle (SQLLDR) is used for mappings sourcing from SAP via ABAP and having a Staging Area located in an Oracle Database and the LKM SAP ERP to SQL is used for non-Oracle staging areas.

The KM first generates optimized ABAP code corresponding to the extraction process required for a given mapping.


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