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The job and investments provided enough money to enjoy life and take an occasional vacation. You have enough on your mind." Suddenly, Sue realized that she had neglected Tommy since his father died. About midway through the movie, Tommy carefully raised his arm and put it on the back of the seat behind his mother, his bare arm touching her shoulders. After a few minutes, Sue noticed his fingers were moving. Tommy's hand was shaking, as his fingers grew bolder.

While the two years since the accident had been financially stable, it was emotionally difficult. You said you were going out with girls." "I'm sorry Mom, I lied. She had been foolish to think that she could read him. Sue didn't miss the move and felt another of those little shivers come over her. Suddenly, Tommy realized that his fingers were touching the top swell of his mom's breast where the soft flesh was exposed. The tips of his fingers moved further down until they were just barely under the elastic of her top. She wanted to stop him but it had been so long since someone that she cared for paid attention to her.

This ratio remains into adulthood.[3] Exactly my point. We all have things that we are or aren't attracted to. It's like not dating someone because the person is left-handed, or has a southern accent. I understand your point if we're talking about the latter group, but actually most stutterers don't fall in that group.[QUOTE="thegerg"][QUOTE="nunovlopes"]That is the most absurd logic I have yet to hear.

We all have things that we are or aren't attracted to. One thing is sexual preference, another is being shallow.

However, in the two years since Bob's death, Sue had done very well in her job and she had been lucky in the stock market. Tommy stood almost frozen, his eyes as large as saucers. " Sue asked, again noticing that her son was looking up her skirt. Now Sue wasn't sure whether the spreading of her thighs had been an accident on her part or not. It was just a little innocent fun, she told herself. Tommy's shocked face turned scarlet when he saw his mom watching him again. If I do this to my own mom, what will I do when I go out on a date with a real girlfriend? At the movie theater they got sodas and popcorn then found a seat near the back row.

She had purchased a new house for her and Tommy, smaller than before, but very comfortable nonetheless. "Tommy, what would you think about you and I going on a date? Since the movie had been out for a while, the theater wasn't crowded. The movie was funny and light, making them both laugh. When she felt goose bumps spring up on her chest, she knew that she should stop him. He probably didn't even know that he was doing it anyway. However, the tingling she felt between her legs wasn't so innocent.

Now 18, Tommy had graduated from high school with honors and had earned a football scholarship to a local university. get tongue-tied," Tommy said, his eyes unable to meet his mother's. I've only kissed two girls in my whole life," Tommy blurted before he could stop himself. Sue held Tommy's trembling hand tightly, knowing that one more fraction of an inch and he would be able to feel her nipple.

While he looked like the All-American boy, he had never had a girlfriend. " Tommy had wanted to talk to his mother for a long time about his shyness and the stutter but he didn't want to burden her. I'm too shy and whenever I get around a nice looking girl I... In fact, his fingertips were touching the large brown areola. When the tightness of Sue's fingers lessened, she felt Tommy's fingers begin to move downward again. She could feel the fingers moving across the bumpy surface of her areola.

Bob Ritter had been driving home from work late one night when a drunken driver crossed the centerline and hit his car head-on. The police said that the other car had been traveling at almost one hundred miles per hour. Bob and Sue's relatives flew in from around the country and were a big help to Tommy and his mother. After all, I still remember what girls like." Sue stopped when she realized that he might be embarrassed to go out with his mother. "Thank you sweetheart, and you are the best looking man I know. The tables were covered in red checked table clothes and each had an old wine bottle in the center with a lit candle. His mother's legs opened, revealing the silky tops of her thigh high nylons, her smooth thighs and then a pair of pale blue silk panties hugging the pouch of her sex.

However, when the funeral was over, she and Tommy had to go home and deal with the loss alone. Tommy's mom, Sue, had to go back to work to make ends meet and they had to sell their house. You're very comfortable around me, so why don't we go out? " if you wouldn't be too embarrassed to be seen out with your old mom." "God Mom, you're not old. So why don't we two good looking people go on a date? Maybe it would be good for her to go out, he thought. She paused for a second with one leg out of the car.


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