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Both Fleck’s Republican challenger, Huntingdon County Treasurer Richard Irvin, and the county’s Republican committee chairman, C.Arnold Mc Clure, told the newspaper that they didn’t see the post.Feasibility: 4Impressiveness: 7Romanticness: 2Comments: Adventurous in conception I GUESS, but so many factors would make this not work anatomically: 1) leg heights, 2) torso heights, 3) overall coordination from these height disparities.

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Sometimes, you just want the pressure to be off and that’s OK!

The now-deleted Facebook post featured an image of two male stick figures having sex and incorporated symbols from President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign, according to the report.

A member of the Huntingdon County Republican Committee, Tom Ritchey, posted the image along with the message “Reminds me of our District 81 campaign and our Democrat running like a mad man,” as quoted by the Centre Daily Times.

Fleck told the Centre Daily Times that some of his constituents feel deceived because he came out as gay after the last election.

That upsets him, he said, because no one had ever asked him about his sexuality.


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