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Don’t forget, you’ve got an entire month to test the system out for yourself – and if you don’t see results from it, you can always get a refund.

And I’m not talking about any of that “2 or 3 out of 10 girls” bull***t.

Di Carlo was “mind reading”, approaching and succeeding 9 out of 10 times because he already knew what the girl was looking for – and knew the approach that “her type” just couldn’t resist!

I also liked the videos because it’s not too often that you get a dozen chicks’ different opinions on their preferred ways of pick up! Something I tested (results below), this quiz allows you to learn the exact type of the woman you approach with just 3 simple, innocent questions in less than a minute.

It’s real useful when you’re in a crowded club or bar, and trying to find an ideal girl QUICKLY without wasting much time. It’s hard to describe everything that’s taught in here in a paragraph – so I figured I’d put up a screenshot for you of a guide for ONE of the types.

Vin Di Carlo’s Pandora’s Box takes all the guesswork out of reading and picking up women by deciphering and analyzing the 8 different types of women – with in-depth details about each of their likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs, and exact maps of their very mindset and psyche, giving you the knowledge of what every type of woman ultimately wants in her ideal guy, and how to identify each type of woman quickly and easily.

As soon as I logged into the members area – I got a nice surprise off the bat. This is a nice change-up from the usual PUA guides that charge you up the whazoo for paper-thin reports. It pretty much went over the basics of reading women in the first few videos, and then went into details about how to learn to identify any chick’s type in a minute, how to escape the “friend zone” with ANY girl and get a date – even if you’ve been rejected before, and how to make any woman feel so understood that they’re pretty much tied to you at the brainstem in a couple of minutes.The easiest way to know if Pandora’s Box will help you is to imagine a girl you know that you’d like to date or hook up with TODAY – and take this 3-minute quiz answering a few questions about her.You’ll instantly know which of the 8 personalities SHE has, and what you can do to start steering your relationship in the .Complete Video Interviews of Each Type of Personality.These videos are AWESOME because they allow you to put an ideal face to the personality type – making it much easier to identify the type of girl anywhere else.All other PUA guides and systems ever released come up short with one huge flaw that the gurus never seem to address…They always provide you with tons of tutorials, case studies and videos teaching you how to approach a woman and the lines to use to pick her up – …Rating by Read the submitted reviews: This is pretty much amazing, Unbelievable If you have used Vin Di Carlo’s Pandoras Box System, post about your experience here and have your review featured like those above! i got a copy of pandoras box and i really loved the big strategy guide that comes to decypher the 8 different types, how they think, what they REALLY want, and how to play them right into my hands – MINDREADING is the right word for sure!!Reply Hey Pauly, Not sure if you are having the same experience as I have.Vin Di Carlo’s Pandora’s Box helped me learn to “read the mind” of any woman I choose within 60 seconds of approaching her, easily turn her on simply by talking to her (about interests HER TYPE is excited by), and ALWAYS at least a number from her – and usually more 😉 If you’ve ever wanted to put a tape recorders in a girl’s room to find out what she’s really thinking, or ever just wanted to READ HER MIND – this is the most accurate scientific approach to learning how women think created to-date, and it works even if you’re bald, fat or ugly.As soon as you can offer the woman what she’s looking for (Hint: it’s not looks), Learn To “Read Her Mind” – Reserve 1 Of The 3 Last Spots In Your City Now!


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