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Luckily, you can readily look up elevation and barometric pressure data on the internet.To perform the calculations, you can download a steam-point calculator (Metric, English).*To do the measurement, you will need a hot plate, a stainless-steel beaker (or a glass beaker wrapped with aluminum foil on the outer side) at least 20 cm (approximately 8 in.) deep, a clamp to hold the test thermometer in place, and a silicone-rubber sheet to cover the beaker.

Luckily, you can readily look up elevation and barometric pressure data on the internet.

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See Reference 1 from NIST for more details on how to make this type of ice melting point.

Measurement at the steam point (100 °C)The steam point is not as commonly used as the ice point, but it provides a good method to verify thermometers at a second temperature.

In this method, you create steam by boiling water in a beaker.

For temperature measurements above 100 °C, NIST's Temperature and Humidity Group (THG) recommends checking the thermometer at the steam point (e.g. If the device is used over a broader range (e.g., –196 °C to 500 °C), THG recommends combining the ice melting point with inspection of historical calibration records and periodic recalibrations to determine if the thermometers are drifting.

Organic-Liquid-Filled Glass Thermometers These thermometers require visual inspection of the liquid column for breaks in the column if the thermometer has been shipped, stored horizontally, or cooled rapidly.


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