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So it is fair to say that other dating sites license it.IAC did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

So it is fair to say that other dating sites license it.

JDate, our entrepreneur said, is at an inflection point. Its average number of paying customers is lower now than it was in 2012. It would only talk about the outcome of the latter suit.“When you do own a patent, if you don’t defend it, it actually, over time, becomes null and void,” Mr. Dying by degrees, but using old patents to take a few challengers out in the courts as they go?

The company had strong (but expensive) growth from 2012 to 2013 on its Christian dating site, but lost about half of it the next year.“Obviously, we’re not patent trolls. UPDATE: A previous version of this story quoted Mr.

JDate reports it has 650,000 “active JDate members” on its website, though its 2014 annual report shows 77,290 paying customers, down from 84,149 at the end of the prior year. “When you do own a patent, if you don’t defend it, it actually, over time, becomes null and void,”—Spark Networks CEO.

JSwipe Founder David Yarus says his service has 385,000 members. US Patent #US5950200A, “Method and apparatus for detection of reciprocal interests or feelings and subsequent notification.” A patent was granted in 1999.

If you’ve been missing the late 90s, go check out its website. Part one of our JDate/JSwipe coverage: the Indiegogo campaign.

Part two: the trademark over the ‘J’ and a synonym for ‘dating.’If JDate were to win this fight, it would probably be because JSwipe ran out of money. So the technology community would miss out on a chance for the courts to offer additional instruction on their interpretation of . One entrepreneur in the dating business who asked to remain nameless said that it would earn the company a reputation in the dating community as patent trolls. They are only doing this, he explained, to insure that their customers don’t sign up for JSwipe thinking it’s JDate. So this is the first time they’ve sued another dating company? In 2011, Spark Networks sued Zoosk, Engage and Humor Rainbow (which owned Ok Cupid, as previously discussed). The URL now redirects to Christian Mingle.“It really does seem like a competitor using the court room to impose costs,” Mr. So is this how tech ventures are going to go out henceforth?

“We invented technology that is at the core of the JSwipe product and which other major dating businesses have licensed from us,” Mr. “The time, energy and investment we have made into building JDate and its patented technology is massive and we have to protect that.”Do all dating sites license the patent from Spark Networks? The Observer spoke to several smallish dating sites.

None of them were willing to go on the record about it, but we can tell you that there are plenty of dating sites that neither pay a license to Spark, nor been approached about paying one. In 2011, Spark Networks sued Humor Rainbow, the owner of Ok Cupid, about the same patent, Mr. By the time the suit was settled, Humor Rainbow had been acquired by Internet giant IAC, which owns Match.com, Tinder, Ok Cupid and other dating properties (plus a load of other sites you’ve heard of).

Does it change anything if it’s on a computer or the Internet? In that case, CLS Bank had software to serve as an intermediary in financial transactions, holding funds in escrow, work that financial intermediaries have been doing as long as humans have traded with money.

This is the question that has been vexing patent types for some time, but patent experts feel that the Supreme Court finally answered the question last year with the unanimous Supreme Court Decision of Alice Corp. The Alice Corportion didn’t do any work of that kind and had never created any actual software, but it had a patent describing how it could work using a computer.


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