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BA […] Continue Reading 19th April 2018 by Clara We’re delighted to announce we’ve recruited a brand new Digital Marketing Executive here at BA.

Aaron has recently joined the BA team at our Cookstown base, working as Digital Marketing Executive.

Mc Maxford dispatches photographer Damien (Richard O'Brien) to take pictures and tape recordings of the girls.

Less threatening but more annoying is Piers Cuthbertson-Smyth (Alan Cumming), who stalks the girls along with his camera crew, hoping to use them as subjects for his next project.

Consumers have the biggest and finest choice to date and it’s up to you to showcase this in the best possible way.

At BA Components, we appreciate and understand the consumer’s needs and that’s why we spend several months of the year researching new colours, styles, and finishes so you can offer the greatest range for your customer base.After noticing the girls' bus driver, Dennis (Meat Loaf) is missing, Victoria decides to take the wheel.It becomes a race against time as Victoria drives like a maniac through London.Amid this, the girls must prepare for their live concert at the Royal Albert Hall in three days, the biggest performance of their career.At the heart of it, the constant practices, traveling, publicity appearances, and other burdens of celebrity affect the girls on a personal level, preventing them from spending much time with their pregnant best friend, Nicola (Naoko Mori), who is due to give birth soon.24th April 2018 by Aaron Cookstown based manufacturer, BA Components are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted once again for the Made in Northern Ireland Awards being held in Belfast in May.These awards showcase the high-quality manufacturing businesses in Northern Ireland that have demonstrated success in innovation, product development and growth in domestic or overseas markets.At the same time, the girls' uptight manager, Clifford (Richard E.Grant) and his sympathetic assistant Deborah (Claire Rushbrook), are fending off two over-eager Hollywood writers, Martin Barnfield and Graydon (George Wendt and Mark Mc Kinney), who relentlessly pitch absurd plot ideas for a feature film for the Spice Girls.With over 70 handle and doorknob options, BA has something to suit every style from traditional to contemporary.For those seeking the extra modern and minimalistic look, there’s the handle-less rail option or the J Pull.


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