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We mostly say it at the end of a sentence as a way to ask if the other person agrees or is understanding what you’re talking about.

Or we might say it at the very beginning of the sentence to let someone know you’ve had a thought in your head that you’re about to share.

Whatever the case…there’s no reason to be embarrassed!

However, most of us pronounce it like Wuh-Skaaaahn-sin.

At Whoo NEW, we say proudly wear your Wisconsin accent like a badge of honor.

Sometimes, people outside of our state think Wisconsinites are super friendly simply because of the way we say things.

In fact, I think I’ve heard them say all 10 of these words and phrases! Can you think of any more expressions, pronunciations or words that are unique to our home state? And don’t forget to Like Whoo NEW on Facebook for more Sconnie fun!

Welcome to our reviews of the Indianapolis Speed Dating Event (also known as hyatt place north point alpharetta).

I’ve always said bag like “bay-g”, and I’ve been in a few in depth discussions about it with non-Wisconsinites.

At least we don’t call it a “sack” like people from the southern U. When you hear Wisconsin folks ask you for a favor and then add “real quick” or “really quick” to the end of it, we aren’t talking about speed.


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