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The federation further questioned how Bangham’s suggestion could be implemented, and in light of rising crime figures and staff cut backs, why it was been discussed: “We have lost more than 21,000 police officers from our numbers across England and Wales since 2010 and we can barely keep even the most basic numbers of police officers on the streets to deal with ever rising crime figures and the threat from terrorism.“Mr Bangham says that motorists should stop ‘whingeing’…In any case, claims that speed cameras save lives have taken a bit of a knock recently from experiences in Swindon.

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RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding said: “While Anthony Bangham’s mission to make our roads safer is one we should all support, is stern and strict enforcement by itself going to get us there when, year on year, we see cuts in resourcing for roads policing and festering suspicion about the motive for deploying cameras?But if the figures had been reversed no doubt the ‘road safety’ lobby would have been quickly calling for the cameras to have been brought back.The number of motorists fined for speeding fell by 50 per cent when the cameras were removed – but that money was not directly benefiting Swindon Council anyway.but if I got a speeding ticket in his home force of West Mercia for doing 1 mile an hour over the speed limit I think I would have a lot to whinge about - living in an area where in the last year violent crime has gone up 17%, public order offences are up 38% and overall crime is up 5%..my Chief Constable seemed so distracted and intent on going backwards.” AA president Edmund King also warned against the crackdown: “We need alert, safe drivers checking the road ahead and adhering to the limits rather than paranoid drivers forever checking the speedometer to check they are 1mph above or below the limit.” RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said the plan “doesn’t seem sensible” “While speed is clearly a contributory factor in many road accidents and there is no question that drivers should obey the speed limit, it doesn’t seem sensible to make motorists constantly look at their speedometers for fear of drifting 1mph above the limit,” he said.However, Rod King, founder of the 20’s Plenty For Us group, which campaigns to set speed limits of 20mph in built-up areas, said: “Where society sets speed limits, you should abide by them. If you are going 35 in a 30mph zone, then you are breaking the law – that’s it.” Tory MP Sir Greg Knight also warned against an “overly aggressive policy against drivers”, telling the Mail: “It will make criminals of motorists who are basically good drivers trying to obey the speed limit, while keeping an eye on the road.” Figures from the RAC Foundation, a transport policy and research organisation unconnected with the breakdown provider, show that enforcement of speeding limits and punishment of offenders varies dramatically across the country.Last year, figures obtained by the Press Association found only about half of fixed speed cameras in the UK were actually switched on and catching offenders.Data released by 36 of the 45 police forces in the UK found that four have no fixed speed cameras at all and 13 have fewer than half actively catching speeding drivers.They were paying for the speed cameras via a contribution to the ‘Wiltshire and Swindon Safety Camera Partnership’ - and the resulting fines went to the Government.Cllr Peter Greenhalgh, the Council's Cabinet Member for Transport said: ‘We treat road safety seriously but we pay about £400,000 a year to the partnership, which goes straight into the Government's pockets.If they were really concerned about ensuring the speed limit was being followed they would have raised awareness of the speed cameras.Are we expected to believe motorists see the cameras but still carry on regardless, indifferent to the £60 fine?


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