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The graph below is allegedly from this year and shows that our population takes a sharp plunge in the early 20’s and then gradually climbs to 30. Find out what happened to speed dating Read some great online dating horror stories!

Though I still think that’s partially true for some of us, I came across some surprising information about 20somethings in Richmond.

In 2012, Richmond was named the number one city for gay singles who wanted to get married and have children.

Here’s why: In 2011, we were listed as one of the top 15 gayest cities. Do you know why there is a shortage of 20something Richmonders?

but seriously, why have so many people jumped ship? Feel free to share your thoughts and best guesses via email, @It Takes2VA, or in the comments section.

arnie daxe (questrom’63) of burke, va., writes, “after full retirement in 2011, i have been volunteering at local uso organizations, including dulles.

Some weird things are happening in Richmond, folks, and even I don’t know what to make of it.

Here are some questions I’ve been asked and the information I’ve found.

GRVAT, you can’t see me, but I’m shaking my fist at you as hard as I can! According to The Advocate, Arlington is #10 on the list for 2014 and D. You had better all be back in this city before I get to 5 and I’m not kidding! Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but what is going on here? So, if you know who kidnapped what I perceive to be more than half of downtown Richmond, please let me know.

I know whose house you went to without my permission and I am counting to 5. How could this possibly be an accurate representation of RVA? I live downtown and I feel like 1 in 50 people aren’t in their 20’s. So, warn all 20somethings and share this column with of your gay friend who used to live in Richmond- they don’t want to see what happens when I get to 5.


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