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Brittany Marie Kohberg, born 05 August 1992, died 04 July 2015 in Muskegon, Michigan Our Remembrance My Beautiful Bethany Marie I miss you more and more every day my life has stopped going on as we knew it you will forever be loved and missed .... Alex Robert Mc Lellan, born 22 November 1988, died 04 December 2003 in Find Du Lac, Wisconsin Our Remembrance Alex was funny, compassionate, adventurous, athletic, handsome and the greatest nephew an aunt could as for.

He worked hard and would give you the shirt off his back. They sometimes cry and sometimes hide their tears Michael Scott Grusendorf, born 25 March 1972, died 23 June 2011 in Texas, USAOur Remembrance Michael lived life to its fullest!You would have seen him skateboarding, playing football or baseball, bull riding, building pillow forts or even playing WWF on the trampoline, and let's not forget the crazy golf cart rides he and his brothers and cousins enjoyed.Sean's time on earth may have been short, but he will always be in our hearts; until we meet again.You're at peace and smiling while playing guitar. I can't wait to come home to see you again son.Always loving you, waiting to be in your arms, mom.I know I will be hugging my precious son in Heaven again someday!!!Mom Zachary Ryan Colich Johnson, born 13 December 1991, died 06 August 2014 in Indiana Our Remembrance Only if we just had one more day to say anything that would have changed your mind. I hope heaven is everything I've read and dream about.I am doing my best to carry on, but I have to say, Life just isn't fun without her. She went by many names, mostly known by Jacklynn, Jackiee, Jax and Jaxson. She was one of the most loving, caring, and funniest people I have ever met. Timothy Dean Warden, Jr., born 10 July 1995, died in Winsted, Minnesota Our Remembrance Timmy was such a loving, kind-hearted, and sensitive kid. He left behind so many that loved him, especially a 4 year old little girl who he loved with everything he had. Brent Shawn Kimbro, born 14 July 1961, died 17 September 2001 in Gallatin, Tennessee Our Remembrance Your sweet smile will never be forgotten and your face will forever be etched on our hearts and minds.Charles Baxter, born 24 January 1961, died 07 November 2011 in Minnesota, USAOur Remembrance To the living, I am gone. Teresa Kimbro Culbreath Kristin Campbell, born 20 September 1981, died 21 September 2013 in Texas, USAOur Remembrance My daughter Kristin left this earth much to soon.All my love, always and forever, Mom Shawn Robert Sorg, born 20 September 1969, died 16 December 2008 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas Our Remembrance An unconditional love knows no bounderies or time. Love your daughter Tami John Bernard Frantz, born 12 July 1975, died 19 June 2001 in Michigan, USAOur Remembrance John was a very happy person. He was 28 when the pain of leaving outweighed the pain of staying in this world, and he took his life.There is not a day that goes by that I will not hear his laughter, feel the warmth of him in my arms, smell the smell of him, or hear him say, I love you, Mama.


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