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The iron frame strengthened the integrity of the whole vessel.A method of construction made obsolete by the advent of steam ships.A brig is a sailing vessel with two square rigged masts (fore and main), with the aft mast being the main mast and the taller of the two.

Arcform, bark, barque, barquentine, Blackwall frigate, brig, brigantine, cementing, clipper, coble, composite construction, corrugated ship, cutter, foyboat, galiot, holder-up, hulk, keel, keelboat, lascar, optical marking or lofting, patent log, schooner, ship, sloop, snow rigged, tonnage, turtleback, 'tween decks, Warrior Class tugs, whaleback ships, woodbine funnel.

I read however, (1933/34), re the maiden voyage of Arcwear, 'the ship suffered with heavy rolling in heavy weather, and jerky motion in calm weather.

A sailing vessel with two masts, square rigged on the foremast & fore-and-aft rigged on the aft or main mast. up to the 17th century, such a vessel was small, powered by oar as well as by sail, & square rigged on both masts.

Mori Flapan, of Sydney, Australia, (thank you, Mori) advises as follows:- The bilge of iron ships was lined with cement to protect against corrosion and abrasion.

The undamaged rear section (depicted) was towed stern first into Dartmouth, later moved to Southampton & eventually was rebuilt at the South Shields yard of The Middle Docks & Engineering Company. The old bow section presumably was eventually freed & was later scrapped.

I understand that the term 'barque' refers to a vessel which i) has three (or more) masts, and ii) has fore-and-aft sails on the aftermost (or mizzen) mast and square sails on the other masts.

Corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome. The term 'arcform' refers to a design for cargo vessel construction, used to construct, I read, 50 ships between 1933 & 1954. (William) Isherwood, (1870/1937), ('Isherwood'), a respected naval architect who earlier in his career had designed a revolutionary system of construction for seagoing vessels using a longitudinal framing system.

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Furthermore, the cement provides an alkaline environment that keeps water sweeter and seems to inhibit corrosion better than paints that were available in the old days.

Structural members and the inside of the shell plating up to the turn of the bilge were coated with cement wash.


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