Spamcure not updating

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This indicates that the Sysvol and the Netlogon folders are not shared.This problem may occur when the policies and scripts that are stored in the %Windows%Sysvol\Sysvol\Domain Name folder are not available.

Vine IT – has discovered that the Net Diag DC discovery test is failed with error “Cannot find DC in domain”.This indicates that the number of Directory read or write per second has increased this may cause Server Performance issue.Vine IT – has discovered LDAP problems on the server.Vine IT Intelli Scripts has found problem with NTFRS Journal wrap errors, FRS is a multi-threaded, multi-master replication engine that Windows domain controllers use to replicate system policies and logon scripts for Windows clients.Vine IT – has discovered that Directory Service Client/Server authentication ratio is above recommended threshold.This might also impact the exchange server on the network. Vine IT – has discovered that the Domain Controller Diagnostic test for Connectivity check failed with an error “DC is not pointing to a DNS server”.This behavior may occur because a DNS server for one domain controller may not have the required domain controller locator in its zone for another domain controller.This indicates Schema owner is not available on Network.This issue may occur if Setup cannot contact the Schema Master or the other operations master role holders.This behavior occurs if the SMB signing settings for the Workstation service and for the Server service contradict each other.Vine IT – has discovered that the Domain Controller Diagnostic test for FSMO check failed with error “A Global Catalog Server could not be located”.


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