Sonic has a dating problem

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We were very dissatisfied with the service, The wrong burger was brought out. No napkins in the bag and we had to ask for salt twice for the tots. We have eaten there quite often but will think about going there any time soon. I order 4 drinks and we sit until 4 we are late for work people getting their orders of food and ice cream we still sit there one car hop.

My mother and I stopped for a shake, we were in line for 28min before ordering, then they waved for us to go to the window, then we had to order, it was only 2 shakes, we were there in your Drive-thru for 43min.

We saw many cars drive away and few went to drive in.

Reply After making my purchase, the receipt I got from Antlers Sonic Drive In, it asked for Comments or Concerns. To whom it may concern, On April 2 about PM I ordered a Sonic 12″ CC Cny with Tots & a Dr Pepper, the Cony Dog was good but the tots were cold and hard, you could tell they have been sitting for a while.

The Sonic corporate office is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Answer 1: The phone number for Sonic is (405) 225-5000. And now you know why this store # 1318 is always hiring.

I contacted the manager (Daniel, I think) he apologized, gave me a guest card for 2 combo’s & said he would investigate & she would be fired.

Never heard back from him, tried to use the card today at the same Sonic, was told he no longer works there & they couldn’t honor the card.

I enter forgot password and it never sends me a reset. Specifically, I ordered a small milkshake and Sonic Blast – both of which were significantly under-filled (especially for the price, paying over .50 in total for the two small desserts). This has been a trend over the past several visits at Sonic, where I walk-away unsatisfied with my experience and value for the money I’m paying.

It’s unfortunately, because the quality of the product in terms of taste is good – but not at that price!

After drinking my slush half way I decided to pour it in my yeti cup and I noticed the bottom of my sonic cup with black stuff in the bottom of my cup. Adam Burn continued to tell me that “Well ma’am it’s nothing I can do about the crap in the bottom of your cup now so what do you want me to do at this point and hung up the phone.

I called back to the location and the night manager Adam Burn told me. I been going to this sonic since moving to the Fairburn/Union City location and this is the worst experience I ever had.


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