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I'm a software engineer, previously worked in California, working in video games. More of a bear like physique in the sense I'm heavily muscled but have a layer of fluff for optimal cuddling potential. Despite my title I don't study burritos; I only eat them.

About Me - We toppled that regime over 200 years ago! Anyways, just send me a message if you're looking for a new friend! I'm looking for a strange person to have regular conversations with.

Do interpretive dance as we ride public transportation. Let's exchange ridiculous memes, snaps of our pets, or just have an insightful conversation about life. It'd just be nice to have a reliable person to joke around with and occasionally rant to about my day.

To everyone who took my post as an opportunity to send dick pics or invite me for a shag under the guise of 'helping me through my grief': you suck. Looking for a not tiny man 😊 I've been an athletic type my entire life, also a gamer. Haven't followed the normal path through life, lots of detours. *cough* *eeee* [Okay, I tried *too hard* (is there such thing as too hard tho? Bumble and tinder are a shitshow just because of numbers and I figured there is no harm in seeing how this goes. Something about the lack of unlimited cheesecake I think.

If West World and theme parks are not your things, we can just do riddles and metaphors, but be prepared to prove your worth, don't show up empty handed, bare footed, fig leaf clothed, airy headed and say to me ' I have zero idea what the hell is going on but I'm in', I'm gonna sell you like a hollow manequin into slavery at West World and never look back. I’m looking for a snuggle buddy to come to my hotel tomorrow night (sat 5/19) and simply snuggle so good all night! I tend to hit it off with people who game or love exercise. Some other interests: gym, camping, exploring the land, lots of TV shows, some reading If you feel like we'd get along, or you just want to joke around and throw some humor my way feel free to.. I'm kind of new to Montreal and am bored this weekend. Things about me you'd like to know: Green eyes Muscular but not shredded. So now I'm here because I've always loved meeting new people as a way of alleviating boredom. I study the histories of food at tourism - how tourists have encountered other cultures through dining - a great way of learning more about two things I love anyway.

I've been told I have 3 personalities - Flirt, Charmer, and Smart Ass. I've had the pleasure of meeting some great people here, some of whom I continue to talk to today - years later - and look forward to meeting more!

You never know which one you're going to get :) I rarely get ID'd anymore so I guess that qualifies me as a man and I have a damn good bitmoji that I think looks identical to me. Hi there my name's Will, and I want a serious long term relationship.-Life Philosophy: I'm a Catholic, so my faith means a lot to me; I strive to become a better person and more virtuous man every day. Wanna rebellious mouthy sweet human to climb you like a tree? You: White or mixed race with a slim to average body type. I usually prefer to talk over Kik or Discord so feel free to include contact information. Ironic that the two things I like the most are sort of diametrically opposed to one another. Ideally though if we groove maybe something more, who knows.I'm very contemplative about life, so I want our relationship to lead to something lasting, in light of my beliefs. It puts me in a weird position of being too nerdy/introverted for the gym folk and too jock/extroverted for the nerd folk. Fitness, lifting weights, gaming, movies, anime, hobbies in general (learning is fascinating), etc.; anything is good. So I’ve tried this before and had mixed results, but life got busy and I sort of fell away from here for a while. Go for a short weekend road trip and eat funnel cakes in strange locales. I consider myself a very chill person so I'm sure we'll get along. I have one of those automobile contraptions after all. Hello all, just looking to make a new friend or two to chat with on snapchat. Would be awesome if you were a great conversationalist. Not concerned about looks and open to any locations in the Midwest. I enjoy intelligent and educated women who are curious about the world.Only Lads is a great place to meet gay and bisexual guys in Alberta.If you're looking for gay chat or free gay dating in Alberta, then you've come to the right place! Having to deal with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of such requests would take an impossible amount of time. I wanted to make a more interesting post, but with the dumb limitations I have with Reddit and r4r, it's been tricky, but I THINK I finally figured out something a tad bit more interesting. I have a house with three large bookshelves that are stuffed with my diverse collection of books. I should say I don't know much about anime or comic books and haven't played a video game since Red Dead Redemption 2 came out. I stay up pretty late, so pillow talk is a possibility. I was in a very very dark place last night and have never felt sadness like that before. Expecially since my whole family/life is in a different time zone and I was feeling incredibly alone and helpless. Nah in all seriousness I'm just hella lonely and looking for someone I can get close with, whether in a romantic relationship or just friends. It's been a solid 7 or so years since I've had a girlfriend and the lack of having that connection with someone else is starting to wear on me. Books are cool too, but I normally listen to them rather than actually read, never make the time to actually sit and read even though I've got some I really wanna read. A few bullet points about myself: Would prefer to chat through Discord or text, as I don't really use any other social media platforms (to chat anyway). Suddenly, like red Spandex on Ryan Renolds, there is an unexpected surprise There is a coffee shop. The smell of fresh pastries, roasted espresso beans, music flowing through the space (be it jazz, dbop, ass dropping beat popping beats, etc), walls lined with sleek panes of wood, interrupted by window panes over looking a snowy day, reaffirming the roaring fire on the other side of the coffee shop. Payments we do accept: -the Dankest of Memes -Vents about your day, daily life, whatever's on your mind. I'm a 29 year old Italo Canadian dude who has travelled the world for two years and it's been about year since I've been back in Ottawa. I'd like for you to do suggest doing shit as much as I suggest doing shit. I used to be overweight and I like keeping it in check. I spent about two years learning how different cultures pursued romance and seduction so I'm pretty in tune with what's good and what's just not great behavior.Anywhere you see a link, you can watch a pointless gif (A SUPER low quality gif) of me writing on a piece of paper some highlights of what I'm writing in my post. I have creative hobbies like photography and writing (had a short story published once). Please be single if you decide to contact me, I prefer my bizarre love triangles to be in the form of song. Thanks for showing me that the world doesn't totally suck when I was feeling like it does. I could keep saying things, but who doesn't like a little mystery..I don't know what else to say. Hoping to see a comment or PM and have a wonderful day/night/moment wherever you may be! You curl up against a cozy chair, a comfy beanie, a love seat with your SO, ceramic mugs with puns scrawled across. Since then I've gone on many dates only to be either disappointed by lackluster conversation, people who don't really want to do anything or people who are just honestly way too busy to date. The latter tends to get dropped after a chance or two. I just came back from a cruise and am finding it really difficult to get back into the routine.


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