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As she spoke to me, two teen-age girls in Douglas High lacrosse uniforms came up to lay flowers on the amphitheatre’s stage.

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It was just past eight o’clock, darkness had fallen over the palm glades and cul de sacs and strip malls of this city at the edge of the Everglades, and, if you hadn’t known the circumstances, you might have expected a Fourth of July celebration.

“This is what they do,” Veile said, watching from a slight distance with approval.

“They’re doing their jobs.” After pausing a minute to contemplate the altar, the girls and their mother departed for the family-support center.

The final eulogy was delivered by Alyssa’s mother, Lori. She asked those of Alyssa’s friends sharing stories with one another on social media to share the memories with her, too. The other mourners closed ranks and proceeded behind them to the burial site, forming a dark line that snaked out across the flatness of the land in the brilliant midmorning sun. The self-appointed consolers stood around beaming with compassion and turning down offers of pizza.

I had watched Lori Alhadeff being interviewed on CNN from the breakfast room at a Best Western in Boca Raton, where a room full of people suddenly forgot to chew their waffles as the grieving mother, distraught and furious, had trained her eyes directly on the camera, addressed the President and yelled, her voice breaking, “This is not fair to our families, that our children go to school and have to get killed! I returned to Pine Trails Park, which had become the central gathering place for media, students, and members of a disaster-activated national consolation machine: volunteers from the Red Cross; a van of therapeutic golden retrievers and their owners from Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church, in Alpharetta, Georgia; the television anchors as lurid as exotic birds. I introduced myself to Ray and Betty Bombardieri, two members of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team who had come to do what Ray Bombardieri described as “praying people up.” They now stood chatting with Nancy Veile, a local representative of Therapy Dogs International, whose two rat-terrier rescues, Birdie (“a jailbird who flew the coop”) and Breezy (“she sneezes a lot”), sat at her feet wearing harnesses labelled “.” Veile was a local, and in addition to the dogs she had also had the experience of losing a child.


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