Shia labeouf dating isabel lucas

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She has been linked with Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Joel Edgerton and Adrian Grenier.

She has been linked with Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Joel Edgerton and Adrian Grenier.

No ones likes to be confronted and challenged about their actions, and that could have led to arguments that ended the relationship, rather than any actual relationship between Isabel Lucas and Shia La Beouf.

Of course, they could be shagging up a one handed storm right now.

In 2010, she was nominated as one of Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities.

In June 2012, she was photographed looking shockingly thin in the wake of her breakup with musician Angus Stone.

Intentionally crashes into neighbor's car Back in 2005, La Beouf's neighbor and his girlfriend were parked in front of the garage, preventing his ability to get in and park.

Allegedly, La Beouf then laid on his horn and yelled at his neighbor, but when he refused to move, the actor hit his car. Blames erratic behavior on existential crisis In October, the actor appeared on to explain himself.

From there it all went downhill as he started talking back to the security guard — ultimately leading to him on the ground getting arrested. Threatens fan Back in 2013, La Beouf was at a restaurant in London when a female fan came up to ask for an autograph.

Somehow, he was able to make her cry from a short conversation.

According to witnesses at the restaurant, the girl's boyfriend allegedly confronted La Beouf, and it ended in a little fight.

When security came to take La Beouf out of the restaurant, he was reportedly heard saying, "I can get you killed," according to witnesses. Plagiarizes Daniel Clowes In late 2013, La Beouf found himself in the middle of a plagiarism controversy when graphic novelist Daniel Clowes accused him of borrowing shamelessly from his 2007 comic, is the title of a comic series and graphic novel by Clowes, who previously described his work using the very same words La Beouf used. Uses sky writer to apologize to Clowes La Beouf kicked off 2014 in the sky, commissioning an apology to Clowes via a skywriter on New Year's Day.


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