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Max also did backup vocals for a song on NFG's record.

I ended up tearing them off the next day because I could hardly function with them. By that I mean we built a studio out of mine and my husband’s garage apartment and recorded it all right there this past summer.

But it’s probably for the best since I do play guitar (and am also a mom now) so I’d have to keep them short, anyways. We didn’t hire a producer this time and I think it was very freeing for us as a band to get our foot hold in who we are again and really define what we wanted to sound like after years of being on major labels and using big-name producers (we’re now on Equal Vision Records after being dropped by Warner Bros. I think you can hear our renewed passion in the songs. It’s very classic Eisley sounding but less poppy than our previous records (major labels like to push the pop-sound, but EVR is amazing and loves our band for who we want to be so they don’t push us in any direction musically).

Have you ever had your nails done and is that even something you care about?

Someone paid to have them done for me once as a gift and it was really sweet, but because I’m a horrible nail biter, they put fake nail tips on and it felt so weird.

I tend to think it's more or less so because Jesse didn't want to be just another name on the already long list of guest vocalist. Oh and Adam Lazzara, the current lead singer of TBS, dated Sherri's sister, Chauntelle, (who is also in Eisley) for a while. And Hayley is a really big fan of Eisley and says that Paramore is friends with them, but now that she is dating Chad, maybe not. Some people think quite a few songs on Brand New's ' The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me' are about Sherri.

It seems to be most evident in "Not The Sun" and "Degausser." It's thought that a few songs on Straylight Run's debut are about Adam Lazzara.Sherri started dating Max and they are now engaged.What's funny is both Chad (along with Jordan, NFG 's singer) and Hayley did backup vocals (not together) for Say Anything's last record.Jesse Lacey f*cked Sherri Dupree who f*cked Max Bemis Jesse Lacey f*cked his girlfriend who f*cked John Nolan who f*cked his girlfriend who f*cked Max Bemis.When I met Sherri Dupree-Bemis, she was Sherri Dupree, and she was rocking a hoodie, jeans and a t-shirt.With the release of the indie band’s 4th full-length album, , on Equal Vision Records, Sherri took the time to answer a few questions about how life has changed since becoming a wife and mother (she’s married to Max Bemis, lead singer of Say Anything, and just became mom to baby Lucy on February 11th), and to describe her style evolution.I definitely feel most comfortable when I can wear a cute dress!They broke up, and she eventually married Chad from NFG.Well Chad apparently (no one really knows) cheated on her with Hayley from Paramore and that supposably lead to their divorce.It’s still extremely melodic with catching melodies and hooks and the lyrics are more whimsical and less-straight forward on this record.I’m sure it’ll add a new element of craziness but I just see it as one great big fantastic adventure that I now get to share with my daughter.


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