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*I put your dick into your mouth and gently suck on it* Stranger: Oh yes Stranger: Can you get naked for daddy? *I quickly stand up and take off all my clothes then sit back down to suck on you* Stranger: Nice vagina! Stranger: I like it hairy like that You: Mmmmm Stranger: Can I put it inside you You: Sure daddy! Stranger: Mmmmmmm Stranger: Now put it in your mouth Stranger: Make sure to feel it with your teeth You: Ok! *I lay down on my back and spread my legs* Stranger: Its beautiful You: Thank you! Stranger: Slowly puts his dick in her ass You: Oww Daddy it hurts Stranger: Ooops wrong hole Stranger: Slides his dick in her pussy Stranger: Until she bleeds You: I start to moan lightly You: Oww daddy that hurt tooo Stranger: Sorry Stranger: Licks the blood up You: Daddy? Stranger: Yes Stranger: Which hole You: Thank you daddy!

Well these kinds of love story, funny stories, songs lyrics are getting really popular on Whatsapp.

Since these are simple images, people share these among friends or groups and ask the people to decode the story. This article is huge collection of such “Whatsapp Emoticon Stories“!

Stranger: wow Stranger: naughty ones then Stranger: i guess i can be ur daddy ;) You: Nice! It's way bigger then the one I was fucking earlier! i ask as i slam my cock deep inside ur tight slit You: Mr. Stranger: i fuck u harder Stranger: trying to hurt u a lil from my deeper thrusts You: Can you fuck my ass too?

I climb up onto your lap Stranger: remember a few years ago when u found daddy getting sucked by ur babysitter.. it feels amazing as u suck my huge cock You: I suck on your cock hard and move my head up and down being careful to try not to gag Stranger: you suck cock even better than the 10 yo girls daddy fucked in Asia on his holiday.. I eagerly strip off all my clothes Stranger: i pin u down on the ground and position the tip of my huge cock on the tiny wet opening to ur lil pussy, and begin to push in You: Daddy!

I wrap my hands to your ass and squeeze your cheeks lightly Stranger: Do u know what mommy does to daddy?

*I go back on my knees and engulf you cock in my mouth* Stranger: Mmmmm You: I move back and forth hungerly Stranger: Touch my ass Stranger: Dont be shy You: Ok... Stranger: She fucks daddy's ass You: Do you like it?? One of the most used Whatsapp feature is its emoticons (or popularly known as Smileys).These are simple and cute pictures which are useful to depict your emoticons. Stranger: Nice Stranger: Wanna sit on daddy's lap You: Daddy... Stranger: M43 You: f 18 Stranger: Daddys home You: ;) Stranger: Im james You: I'm ashley! Stranger: *goes on the pc and opens up pornhub and searches blowjob and clicked on the first video* You: Wow daddy! Stranger: Ummm as long as it stays between us You: Of course daddy You: *I sit on my knees and unzip your pants* Like this daddy?? * I take your cock into my hands and pump it slowly* You: Like that daddy? Stranger: Relax and lay on your back You: Ok daddy! It hurt alot in my ass so my vagina Stranger: Ok You: Yaa!! * I hold your cock and slowly slid it into my pussy* Stranger: Oh yess You: Daddy It feels so good now! * I push forward and back on your cock* Stranger: I love you You: I love you too daddy! You: my* Stranger: Do you want to do anything to daddy You: ... * I pull down your pants and underwear with my teeth* Stranger: Now get started You: Ok Daddy! Stranger: Yes You: mmmm I'll stay with you forever! Klikając lub nawigując w tej witrynie, wyrażasz zgodę na gromadzenie przez nas informacji na Facebooku i poza nim przy użyciu plików cookie.Więcej informacji, łącznie z informacjami o dostępnych opcjach kontroli, znajdziesz w dokumencie : Zasady stosowania plików cookie.Welcome to City The safe, fun bisexual dating community for bisexual singles, bicurious singles and couples Whether you are looking for bisexual dating, or bicurious personals, City Bi is the bisexual social network for the bisexual dating community.Join City Bi City Bi Premium City offers you the opportunity to meet other bisexuals and interested couples through personal online connections. City Bi is the #1 dating community for bisexual and bicurious singles.


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