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It was astonishing how much she loved this fiery young woman.

It was astonishing how much she loved this fiery young woman.They were so into each other that the train rolled past Carling Avenue and reached Bayview Station without them noticing.On that day, sensing someone's gaze on her, Rasha turned, facing Nana.

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They nodded respectfully at Nana, and then continued on their merry way. In that moment, she couldn't be prouder of her beloved Rasha. Nana remembered how her first girlfriend, a blonde-haired butch lesbian gal named Alexis, originally from the City of Calgary, Alberta, reacted whenever they were out together and ran into some black folks, especially black males.As they made their way through the tunnels, heading for the university center building, Nana and Rasha saw quite a few fellow students, some of whom they knew.Happily they greeted their fellow students, unashamed to show their love.As they reached the Atrium, Nana smiled, remembering that this was the place where they met. Rasha was dancing in the atrium with a group of fellow South Asian students, and Nana couldn't take her eyes off the short, curvy, brown-skinned and raven-haired young woman in the brightly colored Sari who moved with a grace that Beyonce couldn't match.Only five-foot-six, Rasha carried herself with the confidence of an Amazon."I love their outfits, and the tall one reminded me of your older brother Ali," Rasha said, smiling at Nana, who grinned and nodded.The two young women took the stairs, and then arrived at the parking lot.Nana Hussein, the deeply conservative, Hijab-wearing Muslim daughter of a Somali immigrant family, felt stirrings deep inside when she looked at Rasha. The six-foot-tall, curvy, dark-skinned, Hijab-wearing Somali Muslim gal's smoldering gaze set her on edge for reasons that she did not quite comprehend in those early days..."Yeah, you came over to holler, supposedly under the pretext of joining our troupe, but I knew what you wanted," Rasha replied, and Nana grinned, then gave her girlfriend's plump ass a firm squeeze.Alexis acted majorly uncomfortable, looking at the black males in the vicinity with a mixture of distaste and suspicion.Alexis behaved in much the same way when Nana introduced her to her brothers Ali, Musa and Suleiman.


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