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If the captured alien can outsex the Nyarthian, it is set free, but if the Nyarthian outsexes the other alien youth, then she instantly becomes an adult.22.(Older/Younger) An aged coach, and a far younger sports star face each other in a new sexual sport after the cocky youngster mocks the older woman about her age, sexual activity, and stamina.

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When a Nyarthian comes of age, a great ritual must be preformed to advance the c***d into adulthood. The Nyarthians capture adolescents in the same lifestage as the Nyarthian youth, and gives the other alien one choice; either become a slave to the Nyarthian empire, or battle a Nyarthian in its coming of age ritual.

Feeling turned on, and competitive, the criminal challenges the cop to a sexual competition for her freedom.15.

(Non-human) The Vengeful Spirit of a man's dead wife haunts her former home, after the husband remarries a beautiful woman.

(v******e/blood Warning) A devious masked woman out for revenge against all women who use sex to get what they want, pits two women in a deadly sexfight-game where they must not only outsex each other to see which of them is the better slut, but must also punish her enemy by completely destroying the other woman's sexual future...

No whore, home-wrecker, or seductress is safe from the masked woman's dark punishment.9.


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