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Social Graph Application: An application that requires or is improved by the creation of a social graph describing the context specific relationships between it’s users is a social graph application.Examples of applications that require a social graph to actually be usable are instant messaging applications like Skype and Windows Live Messenger.Let's revisit the main issues that Brad and others have been talking about: 1.

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As Brad pointed out, there needs to be a way for a new user who joins a network to be able to find friends who are already using that network." ( Write "Brad explicitly described a need for an API or a service that would broker the information between social networks.

He envisions an open source base database which accepts information from multiple social networks, then provides it to end-users via UI or API - as well as allows users to authorize other social networks to find the information." ( Write Brad Fitzpatrick: People are getting sick of registering and re-declaring their friends on every site. Given a node, expand all equivalent nodes, find aggregate friends, expand them, and then report any missing edges.

Note: some sites have started to do things like this, in ad-hoc hacky ways (entering your LJ username to get your other LJ friends from FOAF, or entering your email username/password to get your address book), but none in a beautiful, comprehensive way. Deliver end-user tools (likely a browser add-on) to let users manage their social networks (whether the sites have cooperative APIs or not), syncing them with each other, or doing whatever they'd like, but according to the user's own policies. Make graph data as portable as documents are on a personal computer.

While the tools will most likely add the most value with uncooperative sites, it must always be clear to users what is happening so that no one is ever tricked. (though likely never using the word 'graph' to end-users)" ( Alex Izkold [2]: "Privacy and ownership of information are at the core of the social graph issues.

There can be multiple edges connecting people (e.g.

Mike and I work at Microsoft, Mike and I are IM buddies, Mike and I live in Washington state, etc).

As it grows, the incentive to share information like social graph and attention with others deminishes (unless it is done via an API that continues to benefit the network).

But as individuals, we do not care about either young or old networks. In the ideal scenario, we would like to spend the least amount of time logging in, configuring, telling the system what we like.

Diverse things like the Web, power grids, economies and even cells can be represented and analyzed as networks." "Social Graph - If one were to render the various ways different people in a particular community were connected into a data structure, it would be a graph.

In a social graph, each person is a vertex and each relationship connecting two people is an edge.


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