Sex predators on dating websites

“In the interest of protecting and educating users, I strongly encourage all online dating companies to adopt the same principles as these industry leaders,” Harris said.After the woman went public with the lawsuit, agreed to screen members against state and federal sex offender registries.Alan Paul Wurtzel pleaded no contest to sexual assault and was sentenced last September to a year in jail for attacking the woman.As human beings, we all want love and companionship in our lives. According to Martha Stout, author of the best clue that you are dealing with a sociopath is an appeal to your sympathy. Sociopaths are often skilled lovers for two reasons: First, with an excessive need for stimulation, they are hard-wired for sex. Maybe something seems wrong but you can’t put your finger on it. All of their family is dead, geographically distant, estranged for some reason, or otherwise explained away.It’s a basic human need, right up there with the needs for food, water and shelter. What the evil is called—psychopath, sociopath, antisocial personality disorder, narcissist—really doesn’t matter. If you’re dealing with someone who tries to make you feel sorry for him or her, blaming other people or “the system” for his or her problems, consider it a warning that the person may be a sociopath. Second, they get a lot of practice, often with anyone who comes along. There may be lots of mentions of various friends in conversation, but you rarely if ever get to meet them.The websites also will continue to warn members about safe online dating practices and supply members with online safety tips, including fraud prevention guidance and tips for safely meeting people offline, according to the news release.The tips and financial scam warnings will be issued on an ongoing basis to registered members.They shower you with attention, flatter you and promise you a lifetime of happiness—exactly what you’re looking for. Meeting people on the Internet is extremely dangerous. But there are also predators, and communicating via the computer you do not have the tools you need to spot them. You fill in the missing pieces with your imagination, and the person becomes what you want him or her to be. For more information, see Internet Threat and Online Seduction on Pay close attention to what is actually being said. Most of the true meaning of conversation comes from nonverbal cues—voice, facial expression and body language. Last year, Harris established an e Crime Unit to prosecute identity theft, data intrusions and crimes involving the use of technology.Harris said she will assign a liaison from the e Crime Unit to deal with reports of suspected criminal activity provided by the three online dating providers and other providers who adopt the new principles.


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