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His parents had all the money he needed to get him help, and his school did everything they could to help him cope, according to the Wall Stret Journal: "Not long into his freshman year, Adam Lanza caught the attention of Newtown High School staff members, who assigned him a high-school psychologist, while teachers, counselors and security officers helped monitor the skinny, socially awkward teen, according to a former school official.‣ The handguns were also semi-automatic, as most handguns are, because revolvers have much stronger recoil.‣ Lanza reportedly had a high capacity, 30-bullet magazine for the rifle.Unlike many libertarians, I am fine with a ban on automatic weapons.But no need to hop over to to start a petition to ban them; machine guns have been illegal in the United States since 1934, and since the 1980s, it has been illegal to manufacture and sell automatic weapon.If anyone tried to play dead, a commonly recommended strategy, it didn't work.It breaks my heart to even type these details; it was worse to read all the stories in which I collected them. then stayed in the classroom to buy those precious children time. Facebook and Twitter were naturally flooded with calls for a "serious conversation about gun control", "real talk about how we handle mental illness in this country", and "putting God back in the schools", along with scads of suggestions, such as banning automatic weapons and making it illegal for the mentally ill to buy guns.Gun control opponents are angry that liberals immediately started talking about gun control, but this seems like a natural instinct to me.It's not the best way to get good policy, mind you; hard cases make bad laws, and rules passed in the wake of tragedies tend to be over-specific, and under-careful about unintended consequences.The wan saving grace was the remarkable courage and sacrifice of the teachers who hid the children . On God in schools, I assume they didn't mean that God killed little children for failing to start the day with a bible verse, but that we'd have been better off if Lanza found Jesus.I too would prefer a Lanza who'd taken the Sermon on the Mount to heart, but I have to point out that we had mass murder even back in the days when every little child lisped the Lord's Prayer before class.


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