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Most often a few miles out from port child corpses are dumped overboard, often weighed to sink to the bottom of the sea, out of sight, out of mind.

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Ships illicitly transporting human slaves are customarily unloaded first.It really was a concentration camp, complete with barbed wire fences and control towers armed with machine gun toting guards.So the big CIA moneymaker for pedophile kingpins like the Bushes and the Clintons became a smashing success.Thus her unique talent and expertise placed her in constant demand for four decades.From 1993 to 2004 Sue worked in the Office of Naval Intelligence training naval officers in remote viewing.The self-replicating, Luciferian system has been built to last for centuries. Arrigo learned of the CIA’s long history starting right after WWII training foreign children to be spies.First as dissociative mind controlled child musical prodigies sent back to Eastern Bloc nations to spy on cold war embassies, then pushed out of airplanes over North Korea and onto infiltrating North Vietnam and back to full circle in the Balkans.[viii] Once sent behind enemy lines, these poor kids were never heard from again and because in every instance the CIA cover had already been blown, the enemy quickly scooped them up and killed them.Pulled from the rubble, many kids were still suffering from trauma shock, making the job of CIA mind control torturers that much easier and quicker for developing multiple personalities.CIA scouts would bring along a psychologist to test the orphaned children using the excuse that they were testing for postwar adaptability when they were tapping for special trauma based skills like their capacity to dissociate, their intelligence, photographic memory, psychic abilities, and sex kitten charm.Arrigo was a child sex slave servicing presidents starting from LBJ, then Nixon, Ford, VP Rockefeller (as well as his brother David), Reagan, Bush senior, Clinton to Bush junior as well as every Director of Central Intelligence from Richard Helms to George Tenant.[iii] The only president that she was not forcibly intimate with was Jimmy Carter during her forty years as a government slave.Her psychic abilities made her a highly skilled asset as a remote viewer.


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