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Jenni Rivera's Daughter 'Chiquis' Debuts Song In Honor of Her Late Mom4. Though Chiquis describes her mother as loving and sweet, she says there was also a side to her that was severe, especially when it came to disciplining her children.When she was 14, Chiquis says she cut school early one day, and when she got home, Jenni asked her, “You want me to whoop your ass, or do you want a different punishment?

Jenni Rivera's Daughter 'Chiquis' Debuts Song In Honor of Her Late Mom4. Though Chiquis describes her mother as loving and sweet, she says there was also a side to her that was severe, especially when it came to disciplining her children.

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, out April 7 via Atria Books, budding banda singer Chiquis Rivera is telling all, including the reasons she and her mother, regional Mexican superstar Jenni Rivera, stopped speaking in October 2012 -- two months before Jenni died in a plane crash in Monterrey, Mexico.

Mother and daughter never got a chance to reconcile.

In fact, Jenni reportedly kicked her eldest daughter out of the house and left her entirely out of her will.

Up until then, Chiquis had served as La Diva de la Banda's Chiquis Rivera Debuting New Single on Univision's 'Premios Juventud' Awards Show Beyond revealing what led to the now-famous rift between her and Jenni, the "La Malquerida" singer also discusses details of the sexual abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father, Jose Trinidad Marin, who is serving a life sentence in prison. Here are some other things you’ll be shocked to read about in like the fact that it started in a bathroom when she was eight -- after her parents separated in 1994 and were splitting custody of her -- and ended when she was 12, after she ingeniously told her father's live-in girlfriend that she had begun menstruating.

After a prolonged investigation and a subsequent trial in which Chiquis testified against her father, he was sentenced to life in prison.

Nowadays, Chiquis says has no contact with him whatsoever.It’s time to come home.’”When she got home, Chiquis says her mother put her on a strict diet. ”Jenni Rivera's Second Life: The Billboard Cover Story5. To be clear, it’s not leading her to doubt her then-husband's fidelity and her own daughter’s loyalty.“Jenni the Personal Trainer would even regulate the amount of water I could drink,” Chiquis writes, “and would make me dance in the garage for thirty minutes every day wrapped up in a trash bag. The fact that Jenni's first husband was a sex offender and her second husband, Juan Lopez, cheated on her, didn't help matters, according to Chiquis -- she had reason to believe she would be burned yet again by a man.His growing boldness translated into longer, more fearsome and more painful sessions for me.All I remember is closing my eyes, tensing up my arms and thinking: 'If I don't put up too much of a fight, then he'll be done with me sooner.'"Despite the abuse, Chiquis, now 29, says that she doesn’t feel hatred toward her father.Chiquis Rivera Launches Webseries, Site Crashes Due to Overwhelming Demand2. In what she considers to be her most closely guarded secret, Chiquis reveals that she was also molested by a woman."This is something I haven't confessed to any of the seemingly thousands of psychologists whom I saw during my teenage years, nor the doctors who treated me after the scandal with my father, nor the pastor of any church during my deepest spiritual crisis," she writes.Upon reviewing the footage herself, Chiquis contends that it in no way supports that claim."It took me four hours to review each and every second of footage taken by three separate cameras on that fateful night: one from my mother's closet, one from the hallway that leads to my mother's bedroom, and one from the main entrance to the house..."Would I become so promiscuous that I wouldn't be able to maintain an exclusive relationship, or would I instead become completely celibate and alone?That's how terrified I was by even the thought of being touched, regardless of whether it was by a man or a woman."In an interview with Maria Celeste Arraras of , Chiquis expanded on this stage of her life, saying that at one point she thought she had romantic feelings for her female best friend -- apparently Jenni knew and strongly disapproved.


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