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Having a solid identity, including interests, goals, and other relationships, gives us more to offer a partner—and makes us more interesting.

Research shows that being excited about life and having independent interests also contributes to lasting relationship happiness.

It seems to convey a “halo effect” in which we assume a more attractive person will be more successful, sexy, interesting, and fun.

The effects are strongest when we have limited opportunity to get to know an individual at a deeper level.

Love acts in mysterious ways, but research can help you learn some of its secrets and make yourself a more attractive love prospect.

Love is a complex mixture of biochemistry, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Following are five science-based factors that can enhance your prospects of finding and keeping a partner: 1.

Physical Appearance and Body Type It isn’t fair, but studies show that one's chances of getting a second date or having an online prospect respond to a profile are heavily influenced by physical attractiveness.

When women mimicked their partners, the partners were more likely to want to give them their contact information—and to rate them as more sexually attractive.

Research by Daniel Siegel highlights the importance of in attachment and relational closeness.


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