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Joe Namath was known for being a ladies’ man throughout his playing career, but he had nothing on Wilt Chamberlain when it comes to scoring.

Deadspin dug up an old interview Broadway Joe did with Playboy in Dec. The interview delves into the workings of Namath’s New York nightclub Bachelor III and its potential mafia ties, Namath’s days in college, his time in the pros, and sex. Reading through the interview, Namath’s classic confidence shines through, as does his knowledge of football.

Director Cameron Bossert has launched a petition to preclude Casey Affleck from presenting at next year’s Academy Awards, due to allegations around his history with women, and it’s gaining steam.

Perhaps best of all, though, is the tangential consequence of some men hopefully taking a deep, introspective look in the mirror ascending to positions of power in the future.

The unfamiliar part is that there are starting to be actual consequences.

These men are losing their jobs, being banned from future opportunities, and in some cases, legal action will almost certainly be forthcoming.A lot of people have woken up to the fact that the sexual misconduct problems in Hollywood and the media are just the tip of the iceberg.Perhaps now the reckoning will trickle down.—The revelations about Harvey Weinstein were just the beginning.Namath came from Pennsylvania and attended college at Alabama when segregation was still in place, so he had a much different viewpoint about race than most of his teammates and classmates.Namath says he got the nickname because of a miscommunication.He says he was sitting in his dorm room and someone grabbed a picture of his high school’s football queen.Namath’s girlfriend won football queen, and the crown bearer was a black girl.Just over two months later, it’s become clear that the status quo is no longer the status quo.An expectation has begun to creep into the atmosphere that if a powerful man has ever created a toxic environment for others, he will be found out and exposed.Their collective disgrace has made the victims of other previously alleged predators demand a renewed focus–and occasionally got it.While the reinvigorated scrutiny on Donald Trump has yet to yield any repercussions, previously accused rapist Danny Masterson has been fired from his Netflix show, .


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