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Unlike some institutions, for example, you will not feel like a lesser mind because you happen to be reformed or not.

I may be biased as an alumnus, but I always suggest Southern Baptists at least give this school a look. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – Trinity is undeniably evangelical–they included the label in their name, just to be clear–but it has a (sadly) rare mix of theological orthodoxy and academic credibility.

I note this because I do not propose to offer a top five ranking of seminaries in America.

Instead, I want to tell you about five seminaries (in no particular order) that I would recommend if asked–as I often am–about which schools a prospective student should consider and why.

Duke Divinity School – If I were to rank seminaries, Duke would appear first.

In addition to what I believe is the best faculty in America–Ellen Davis, Stanley Hauerwas, Richard Hays, Grant Wacker, Lauren Winner, and Norman Wirzba, to name a few–they also have the best seminary campus and massive resources that provide nearly unparalleled enrichment opportunities to students.

One thing that guys are absolutely going to love is that they also happen to do strip clubs big.

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Students have the opportunity to study under great minds such as D. Carson, Craig Ott, Douglas Sweeney, and Kevin Vanhoozer.

Unlike many evangelical schools, TEDS incorporates non-Western perspectives and even has some female professors, both big advantages in offering students a well-rounded religious education.


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