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Hugh Laurie, Conde Nast managing director Nicholas Coleridge, the writer and satirist Craig Brown, former Telegraph editor Charles Moore are but a few.

When the producers of the acclaimed TV cop show The Wire were looking for an actor to play tough, Irish-American detective Jimmy Mc Nulty, they cast an Old Etonian, Dominic West. And when the time came to find a man to play the grouchy, tortured but brilliant Dr Gregory House in the hit U. medical drama House, the role went to Hugh Laurie who is, I need hardly say, an Old Etonian.

When Steven Spielberg, the man behind the classic World War II mini-series Band Of Brothers, was looking for a star to convey the strength, leadership and decency of Major Richard Wynters, a true-life U. They're everywhere these days, the products of Britain's most famous, most powerful public school. Next year, we may well see the election of the 19th Old Etonian Prime Minister, as David Cameron follows in a line that includes Wellington, Gladstone and Macmillan.

Fifty years ago, bright, working-class children could get something close to an Eton education for free.

Now they're all, unforgivably, lost to bog-standard mediocrity and the field is that much clearer. Look at all those actors hiding behind American accents on Hollywood TV shows.


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