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Commercial sexual exploitation includes sexual activities such as prostitution, phone sex, stripping, internet sex/chat rooms, pole dancing, lap dancing, peep shows, pornography, trafficking, sex tourism and mail order brides.Sexual exploitation includes offering drugs, food, shelter, protection, other basics of life, and/or money in exchange for sex or sexual acts.

A review by De Lamater [12] suggested that older adults experienced the same benefits through sexual expression including behaviours from holding hands to masturbation.

A focus on sexual intercourse alone may not adequately address the way in which older adults benefit from sexual behaviours.

Participants gave written informed consent, and the study was conducted with approval from the Heriot-Watt School of Life Sciences Ethics Committee.

Participants provided basic demographic information including age and gender, and reported their marital status (single, married, divorced, widowed or separated), living situation (living with spouse/partner, children, friend or alone) and health status (on a 5-point scale from very poor to very good).

All participants were living independently at home, with or without a partner.

One hundred and thirty-eight individuals were recruited, though five were excluded due to incomplete questionnaire responses.Participants provided information on their marital status, living arrangements and self-reported health.Results: both the frequency and importance of sexual behaviours were moderately positively correlated with quality of life ( Increasing life expectancy has focussed attention on identifying factors that predict better health and well-being in later life [1–3].While there is growing evidence that sexual behaviours might be both relatively frequent and important for older adults, few studies have examined associations between sexual behaviours and well-being.The current study, therefore, examined sexual activity and well-being in a sample of older, British adults.While sex, sexuality and sexual behaviours are potentially important, they are currently under-researched.As many older adults continue to be sexually active and sexual experiences have been associated with preserved psychological and physical well-being [4], the current study examined the association between sexual behaviours and quality of life in older adults.The analytic sample of 133 participants consisted of 71 males (53%).Participants were recruited using a convenience sample design from a range of public facilities such as bowling clubs, local small businesses and older people's groups.Ensuring older adults experience a good quality of life is the goal of much ageing research.While important determinants of quality of life have been reported—health status [5], having energy, being happy, maintained sensory functions and being free from pain [6]—studies rarely consider sex and sexuality.


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