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Go in, ask to fuck, then ask to help, back out into her room and use the chalkboard for the spell, cut the fabric and then give her the fabric. After that go to the Trainstation and you can JUST see Spike (May have to be at Night) He'll offer to return the ticket. Then at night, go to the sleeping Trixie and break her shield. You'll need to assist him with both Twilight and Rarity. It's a bit hard to see, but there's a tip of Spike's head spikes between the rails. She sent a bunch of complaints to Hasbro who then filed a lawsuit...

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""Cheer up""Forget her"Instead of a sex scene, you get a kiss.

Hudomi said: For the heart one you must talk to Fluttershy like this:"Why? It isn't that hard with an autoclicker : PJust keep your shield up and click the appearing attacks. But don't with the autoclicker or you are dead faster than you can say "oops."!


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